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Opening lead too soon?

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Posted 2022-November-08, 02:38

During a recent tournament, this happened to me: Almost before the final pass during the bidding was put on the table, the player that was on the lead, played his leading card.
I would like to know, is this legal or is it a "breaking of the tempo" violation?
Thank you.

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Posted 2022-November-08, 07:46

Maybe this should be under Simple Rulings, or so it looks at first sight.
Law 41 says that he should make his opening lead (face down) after the third consecutive pass. It seems he did that, so no infraction there. If he was lightning fast about it then there is potential UI to partner.
If he also faced the lead without giving anyone a chance to seek clarification then he violated Law 41 (unless his RA mandates face up leads), although that behaviour is widespread and condoned in some places.

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Posted 2022-November-08, 11:07

Agreed, so moved it to Simple Rulings. Agree with Pescetom on the legality of what the player did.
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