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A minor opening question

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Posted 2022-September-20, 08:32

View Postmw64ahw, on 2022-September-19, 04:37, said:

I play something totally different now, but originally learnt, as here, to consider fast vs slow arrival so opening and rebidding 2 keeps the bidding lower so shows the stronger hand.

I suspect there was some misunderstanding there. In standard natural bidding, it has always been the case that a reverse shows not only extra values but also specific shape features. It is not unusual for a reverse to be faked with a (4441) hand but I know of no completely natural system that routinely does this with 5-5 in the minors.

That said, there is a method that some pairs use where a 2 rebid after a 1 opening is artificial and does not promise diamonds. In that scheme, typically a strong club one-suiter (BWDH) gets bundled in and is identified by Opener bidding 3 after Responder relays. There is also space for one further hand type. Most pairs using this seem to choose a big balanced hand here, thus freeing up their 2NT rebid for a raise of Responder's major, but you could use it to show a reverse strength 5-5 hand if you preferred, thus saving you 1 step (2NT vs 3) over standard bidding. So yes, it can be done but the gains versus losses are questionable and as a convention it certainly has no place in the N/B forum.

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