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Leading an unprotected ace

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Posted 2022-July-17, 10:25

A pickup partner led the A. Could you explain the rationale please.
I ran this through Jack - Jack led the A so it's obviously OK. I thought that vs a suit contract you should not lead the ace at trick 1 unless you also have the King.

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Posted 2022-July-17, 12:16

Its not unreasonable here. Most of the time, I tell people not to lead unsupported aces, but here it's got some play. Your side needs to get 4 tricks to beat 4, and partner can see the A and maybe the A. Where are the other 2? Partner is hoping to find you with a singleton heart, get a ruff, get back in with a diamond and give another ruff.

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Posted 2022-July-18, 06:41

Or even just to see the dummy and figure out if there is any chance of one or even two diamonds tricks before declarer makes them disappear.

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Posted 2022-July-19, 08:08


I would assume, that the Ace of diamonds is better.
The idea is the same, you want to have a look at dummy, and decide,
if you have to switch.
As it is, the Ace of diamonds is worse, because partner opened a weak 2
with a 7 carder, and the remaining diamonds are 3-0.
Given the vulnerability, the weak 2 is not bad, but the 7 carder is still
not the most likely holding partner will have.

With kind regards
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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Posted 2022-July-20, 16:19

View PostP_Marlowe, on 2022-July-19, 08:08, said:


I would assume, that the Ace of diamonds is better.

I would assume the Ace of Diamonds is quite a bit worse, as given the X it's somewhat likely getting ruffed, and it's not that unusual for W to have the Kd here. Diamond preempts can be a bit suspect.

I think the real mistake here is to open 2. That's the kind of bid that destroys partnership trust. Open 3 or pass. By underselling the length you're impeding partner's ability to further the preempt considerably. Ax or even stiff A is pretty good opposite 7... much less good opposite 6.

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