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Substituting - add some player controlled choice please

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Posted 2021-June-08, 19:06

Yet another post asking BBO to make the substituting system better -

I enjoy substituting. In principle I think it is a great feature on BBO. So far I have subbed in games of virtual clubs in India, Scotland, England, Canada, France, Turkey, USA, etc. It's great playing with new people from different cultures. I don't mind being pulled into a pairs game for 3 boards in the middle of the game. People who sub should want to help out. I am all for it. It is a valuable part of the platform and helpful to virtual clubs and Tournament Directors.

What I can not stand, and what is beginning to make me want to stay away from the substitute button altogether, is that there are zero player controlled options with regard to the region or type of game a player is willing to sub in.

"I am willing to be a substitute in any tournament" is simply too broad. Especially when you are constantly bombarded with invites to random "Untitled" team games that no one wants to play in. The "Directors" of these games aren't shy about spamming the invite button over and over again either. You decline and they just invite again. And the player wanting to be a substitute? Two declines and you are taken off the substitutes list. It is incredibly frustrating.

Please fix the substituting system. Add some player choice. Perhaps a list of regions and/or even specific types of games so a player can filter out random team games or games from regions where they may not speak the language. "North American Pairs" "European Pairs", "Asian Pairs", etc. By all means leave in the "Willing to sub in any tournament" as an option. But make it a choice. The way it is set up now makes it a battle of attrition and makes it an irritating process for players looking for a competitive game at a virtual club.

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