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Passing one of the most forcing bid (1c 2c 2h 2s pass)

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Posted 2021-May-21, 06:39

Robot had

I had

Opponent robots pass all game
1c p 2c(inv) p
2h p 2s(said forcing to 3c) p
p p

I can see he had only 3 clubs I may have 4 but i may easily here can have only one s! (the ace). In this hand according points we have at least 3nt 5c and I go from a free search 6c.

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Posted 2021-May-21, 07:42

Had to check this with me and 3 basic GiBs at a teaching table:


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Posted 2021-June-10, 08:02

Hello! I'm not sure why south bid 2 spades. To me, after 2 spade bid by north, south knows that slam is not possible (north would have to jump to show over 16 points) but game is fairly certain. Why not bid 3NT instead of 2 spades since he knows that there is not a game in spades, hearts or diamonds, and 3NT would be a superior game to 5 clubs?
I guess it depends on partnership agreement on forcing. Some pairs play ANY new suit is forcing. Other pairs play a new suit is forcing on the first round, but a new suit on the second round is not forcing unless it shows extra values, an unbalanced hand, etc. From my reading, ACBL Yellow Card seems to lean towards the latter interpretation, though I've gotten into trouble with partners who believe both types of forcing (until we've played with each other a while). The trouble with robots is that once cannot come to a partnership agreement.
I'll be curious to hear others' take on forcing bid itself and expectations about playing with a robot with this type of scenario since I am far from an expert. Best regards.


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Posted 2021-June-10, 16:16

Good bidding by North to collect the 5 point bonus for playing in a partscore Moysian fit.

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