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Face-2-Face Kibitzer Option optionally limit Kibitzer's view to one player and dummy

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Posted 2021-March-15, 18:06

I would like the option to kibitz a single player. Currently, a kibitzer see all four hands whereas in face-2-face bridge they only see the hand of the person they are kibitzing and dummy. When trying to learn/understand a players thinking, with all hands displayed, its difficult to eliminated the double dummy influence.

Please implement an option to dynamically mimic f2f kibitzing. Possibly you could implement a check box on the line with the players names. When selected you are "placed" behind that player and your view is limited to just their hand during the bidding and then their hand and dummy during the play. Removing the selection immediately restores the current kibitzing mode where all four hands are shown.

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Posted 2021-March-15, 21:47

It's already there. Just right click on the player name and you'll see an option to kibitz that player only.

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