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Swiss Teams scoring concerns

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Posted 2021-February-22, 10:42

So, having played a couple of the Swiss Teams events, it's nice to see them able to be played. I hope that it will be possible to automate the round-robin in time for our district's GNT this year!

I understand the "we-they" scoring thing, as east-west, it makes sense - but it will be nice to see fixed.

My issue is trying to see the other table's results, like I've been used to for every team game since forever:
  • After the first 3 rounds, it only shows me the other result for one table (makes sense), but can't see what happened at the table. And it would be nice if we got the popup "other table: []" like we do in team games rather than having to go to the other table tab.
  • If I go to "other table", it only shows the one hand, not the whole match (or full card). Again, not what we're used to, and less helpful.
  • At the end of the event, suddenly, we get to see everyone's results (great!) scored as a normal IMP pair game (less good). And there's no way to find your teammates' results besides selecting each one, filtered on what you remember the imp score of that board to be.

Add me to the list of people who wouldn't mind being able to kibitz another table (maybe not teammates') when done in other rounds besides the last.

Again, not complaining - just my initial frustrations.
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