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Phantom tournament Double

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Posted 2021-February-11, 23:29

A few minutes ago I tried to enter something called the "Win Club".
There were more than 14 registrants at 'starting soon'
Moments later the tourney started then abruptly stopped.
The conversation below took place:
-pilowsky (Private): Your convention card will default to SAYC if it is not set to something else.
pilowsky (Private): Welcome to WIN CLUB I Enjoy the game, have fun and GOOD LUCK! !
win td2 Tournament: This tournament has been canceled by: win td2
pilowsky (Private): please explain win td2 (Private): sorry we don't have enough player
win td2 (Private): ur $ will be refund
pilowsky (Private): how many players do you need?
win td2 (Private): min is 8
pilowsky (Private): there were 15 listed
win td2 (Private): as registered
win td2 (Private): many people are offline when want to start or he's going play other tournament
win td2 (Private): sorry about that happened sit, but ur $ will refund again

Before the start, I glanced at the profiles of the participants and found this group.
Two sets of players that created their logins on the same date. Within 10 days of each other. Two on 19 September 2020 and two on 10 September 2020.
The TD id was created on 11 September 2020.

Now the same TD has set up the same tourney and the same invisible players are on the list. 16 players listed as registered and only five are actually online + the TD.
Apparently, there is prize money, but the amount depends on the number of entrants.

The start time keeps getting delayed.
Can someone explain what is happening here?
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Posted 2021-February-12, 04:06

the prizes in win club are really given and not " apparently"
Many players are offline, others change their mind and join other tourneys.
Why don't you check other individuals and see what happens? Many offline registrations happen often in absolutely ALL individuals.
I am sorry for that canceled tourney, but the club can't offer awards for 2 players when less than 8 players (when more tables 3 awards posible but that is not the case of 2 tables).
About delaying the start, not only the individual ones delay start, just check private pairs and see. It is even often announced in lobby.."we will delay the start, because we wait more pairs to register".
There are so many choices in bbo, everyone can join what he/she likes..with/without start delay

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