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.LIN File Format

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Posted 2020-December-04, 11:36

First: Thank you for addressing my last topic. The answers were very helpful.

Now the current topic: I would like to write a program to parse the contents of a .LIN file. Is there already such a program? If so, where can it be found along with its documentation. If none currently exists, where can I find the documentation for the .LIN file format? If I have that I can write my own parser.
As always, thanks for your attention.

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Posted 2020-December-04, 12:32

First up, I don't work for (or volunteer at) BBO so please don't take this as official guidance.

I assume you probably have a parser already for PBN or other bridge notations. If you do, you might find the below option useful.

Richard Pavlicek ( has a bridge utility that converts one bridge notation to another. Please look under Bridge Utilities (link here) where you will find a write-up on Bridge File Converter and a EXE file that does the conversion.

That website contains a lot of other bridge related utilities and softwares. Hopefully it will address your requirement.

If it doesn't help, please wait for someone from BBO to respond.

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Posted 2020-December-04, 13:43

There are also other converters from PBN to LIN and vice versa, some of which are free and some of which document some knowledge of various versions of LIN:
- Bridge Composer
- John from Arran (worked well for me)
- pbntolin

I would start by googling them, playing with them in both directions and reading their documentation.

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