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Free vs paid tournaments

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Posted 2020-November-23, 08:31

A few months ago, I got my TD rights after negotiating with BBO. I was told I had to charge a minimum of BB$1.5 (with an approximately 70% rebate to me) or else pay BBO USD$4 per table.

During this COVID period, these sums are fairly trivial for the sake of being able to organize and run games. However, there is the concern about inconsistent privileges, leading to non optimal participation. More on this below.

My NBO's rights (I'm from Singapore) were suspended/revoked/expired in the middle of the year and they have ceased running BBO games for months. However, there are at least 3 persons in Singapore who still run free games. I was half expecting their rights for free tournaments to be abrogated. Not only that, but I continue to see apparently big numbers of free games hosted on the site.

This is very puzzling and a little concerning for me. Especially since I cannot easily attract outside club players to my games (who have access to the free games). Basically, I am forced to run only games for my club with few outside players, and therefore am able to only provide limited competition for my players. Even my own club players tend to favour the free games (mainly because they have adequate competition, not for the cost).

In short, my ability to run competitive games is compromised.

What's going on here? anyone know?

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