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show support or neg double

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Posted 2020-November-03, 19:09

Partner deals and opens 1 D vul vs not. Opponent overcalls 1H and I hold 10942,53, 10652, AJ6. If I decide to bid such a poor hand, is it more important to raise Ds or bid a neg. double?

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Posted 2020-November-03, 21:57

This hand, I would double. If partner bids (or can bid) 1, you're great. If they bid 1NT, you're probably fine. If they bid anything else, you'll either return to diamonds or pass.

If partner had to bypass diamonds to bid my suit (say 1-1 to you with 53 T942 T652 AJ6), I'd feel worse about it, in case they felt they had to bid their three card heart suit with no other good bid (note: this double doesn't deny 5 hearts the way your situation denies 5 spades). But I'd probably still do it, because I can sit for anything.

If partner opened clubs and I had something like 53 T942 T652 AJ6, I'd be less happy because the chance of an 8-card fit is much lower if partner does not have hearts.

Finding a major fit is a huge draw. Offering multiple places to play is a huge draw.

#3 User is offline   TylerE 

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Posted 2020-November-05, 19:03

Neither with that balanced rubbish.

Await further developments.

I might be slightly persuaded towards a !D raise if the opening ABSOLUTELY PROMISES 4+, but I still think it's bad.

In general I think aggressively competing on hands like this is a *big* long term loser as you won't be able to have constructive auctions when you have a bit more.

About the only competitive auction I'd feel comfortable wading into on these values would be a 1 overcall, if I had 5 of 'em. But I don't.

So pass for now, and hope the opponents either get overzealous, or partner can balance and THEN we can try to find a spot.

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Posted 2020-November-05, 19:13

I would always prefer double to a single raise, unless I have such a great diamond support that I don't want to play spades anyway. The 2 bid doesn't prevent opps from bidding 2 so it has little upside.

It's a bit different if a 3 bid is an options since that does obstruct opps. At this vulnerability I wouldn't bid 3, though, even if 1 promises 4.

If you start by double and 2 is passed back to you, you haven't shown you diamond support so maybe you should bid 3 now. With this weak hand and adverse vulnerability I would pass at IMPs, but probably 3 at MP, assuming that partner takes this as purely competitive and not showing values.
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Posted 2020-November-05, 19:14

If I were going to bid, which I would NOT do red v white, I would double.

However, red v white is the wrong vulnerability on which to compete fir a part score, since -200 (when partner reasonably enough takes us seriously) is a disaster at mps and an annoying needless loss at imps.

Note that if there is a game for us, partner needs a BIG hand and our pass does not bar him from bidding. Then, having passed, we can be (in context) aggressive since now we hold a maximum, whereas if we bid, well be spending the rest of the auction trying to apply the brakes.
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Posted 2020-November-06, 11:37

I agree with TylerE and mikeh. Playing Acol (i.e partner does not have a weak NT hand and guarantees 4+ Diamonds) I might stretch to 2D, mainly to help partner count the suit in defence. It's worth agreeing a minimum for a negative double with your partner and sticking to it.

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