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Chat manager improvement Make the chat manager more functional

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Posted 2020-October-31, 15:29

I use the chat manager regularly, and sure wish it was more functional Here are some ideas to discuss:
  • Focus!! I need the chat manager to talk to the table, not other people. When I click on it, the focus should automatically revert to "table". But when I have made a comment to somebody, the foucs stays with that person, even if it was the previous round. Not noticing, I click chat and get told I can't speak to that person. Go back, change the focus, finally send the mesage. Pain in the butt.

  • Lack of focus. I can't send a save message to the Alert function of the bidding box. It would be nice to store some standard explanations and not have to type in "shows both M or one m" or "at least 1 4 cd major".

  • Size and Placement. I like that the system remembers where I want to place the box, but I wish it could remember how I choose to resize it. Further, it isn't possible to make the box smaller by removing the "edit" and "delete" buttons. I really never need them, why must they stay onscreen all the time?

That's all I've got today. There are probably other things I'm missing--does anyone remember how useful OKScript was? BBO is a vastly better system in general, why can't we get a few fixes in to improve the chat manager?

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Posted 2020-November-20, 08:45

On the iOS application you also need a 'cancel' button on the chat box. If you change your mind after bringing it up, you have to say something - I usually just type a '.' then 'enter' to get out.

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