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As a keyboard user... Suggestions

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Posted 2020-October-30, 11:59

A few suggestions, starting with the most important

1) If keyboard entry is an option the player uses, focus should default to bidding or card selection if either is active. Really don't understand why this isn't already implemented, don't particularly enjoy having to reset focus with the mouse anytime I've done anything outside the green area.

2) If I only have one suit remaining, skip suit requirement when choosing card to play

3a) When viewing hands afterward, popups for player profile should not be a rollover event. It's several adverbs' worth of frustrating to barely brush the wrong spot while moving the cursor and view of what I wanted to see suddenly blocked. Yet when I actually want to see a profile I can hover over it and not have the profile appear.

3b) How about a Next Board button rather than having to exit board view and advance to next hand via traveller?

4) A popup to indicate when I've underbid instead of just skipping the offending key would be nice. Today I wanted to bid D in a competitive auction, entered an insufficient number, and it accepted the D as double. I have Confirm Bid turned on but it does no good if I've mistyped and don't think to look at every bid closely.

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Posted 2020-November-17, 11:22

I wanted to click +1, but forum responds me "I have reached your quota of positive votes for the day".
So I just reply with +1. Using keyboard could be much more fluent.


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