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What happened to biidding tooltips in robot tourneys

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Posted 2020-October-10, 04:11


Have bidding assistance tool tips been turned off for GiB now

regards P

EDIT Other stuff deleted just in case anyone misunderstands

EDIT 2. They seem to be magically back on again, since this post

I must apologise. I will use the Bridgebum (rather than GiB CC) to tell me what my bids mean. It may slow me down a bit and make bidding less fun but I usually have time left over. I had forgotten that Jacoby magically becomes Truscott/Jordan. Sorry obviously my mistake for being a useless beginner needing unnecessary advice and classes

Just a few small tips for some of the smartasseses out there. Suppose an expert in some field shows up somewhere where everyone does everything in some strange mysterious (and some woul say very complex) way. Do you thin they stop being an expert because they dont uderstand it and take time to get all the trivial nuances. PS I'm no expert (at bridge) by the way but you get my drift and in all my areas of expertise if I show up at somewhere with a weird different way of doing stuff its no relfection on me and I rely on notes :)

But of couse the world has changed now. Its not a matter if you are good carpenter and briliant working with wood - but if someone handles you some ridiculous complex tool and you don't work it out straight away you are clearly useless with wood. Or maybe something I know more about than wood and bridge - guitar music. Suppose I've been playing acoustic for 40 years and pick up a simple electric with an amp with a few knobs it may take me a little while to get the hang. Then you could give me a guitar with more knobs and options and an amp with essentially infinite options and it may take me forever to work it out - and certianly not during a gig. Does that reflect on my ability? Do you cease to be an expert programmer if someone hands you a new language without a manual. An expert clinician if a new manualised therapy lands on your desk. An expert cook if you get dropped in a kitchen with a weird overengineered oven etc

A system is just a tool. It's just like any other piece of kit in whatever field. Sadly knowledge, ability, expertise, skill, problem solving ability, intelligence even have over the years become associated with knowledge of a specific tool

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