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Justin Lall RIP

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Posted 2020-August-19, 15:10


Learnt so much from him on this forum, what a terrible loss to the bridge world at such a young age.
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Posted 2020-August-19, 15:34

Justin was a class act and never one to put anyone down. Terrible news.
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Posted 2020-August-19, 16:02

Say what?

I only met him a few times, but he was a great guy.

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#4 User is online   Cyberyeti 

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Posted 2020-August-19, 16:51

Really sad, I never met him, but knew him from these forums where he always had class and patience for people not in his league.

#5 User is offline   rogerclee 

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Posted 2020-August-19, 17:01

Back for one last hurrah. I miss you buddy.

Also for any of the really old timers, I'll give this one up: Justin and I were maggieb.

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Posted 2020-August-19, 17:09

Oh my goodness, what a shock! I can genuinely hardly believe it. He was a good guy, one of the first to chat with me on these forums back when he was JLOGIC. I suggested to him at the time that he sell his life story to a scriptwriter after he wins the Bermuda Bowl - it is sad that we will now never get a chance to see that played out.
(-: Zel :-)

Happy New Year everyone!

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Posted 2020-August-19, 17:16

View Postrogerclee, on 2020-August-19, 17:01, said:

Also for any of the really old timers, I'll give this one up: Justin and I were maggieb.

The fun part was figuring out which of her posts were Justin's and which were yours. :)
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Posted 2020-August-19, 17:20

This makes me incredibly sad. I only met Justin in person at a few nationals, but there is no other person I got to know better online (via the forums, and playing probably thousands of hands on BBO). He was one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Incredibly smart, and incredibly loyal to his friends.
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Posted 2020-August-19, 20:01

Menander (quoted by Richard Fleet, in the BridgeWinners topic, about Justin Lall) said:

ὃν οἱ θεοὶ φιλοῦσιν ἀποθνῄσκει νέος
Whom the Gods love, die young


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Posted 2020-August-20, 04:55

Very sad

#11 User is offline   y66 

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Posted 2020-August-20, 08:05

Justin Lall's posts on this forum are legendary for their brilliant insights, intensity, emotion, humor and ruthless honesty. I remember getting up hours before dawn, which is torture for me, to kib Justin and his teammates in the 2011 Bermuda Bowl. That was the most exciting bridge event I've ever kibbed. RIP JLall, JLOL and Phantomsac.
If you lose all hope, you can always find it again -- Richard Ford in The Sportswriter

#12 User is offline   pdmunro 

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Posted 2020-August-20, 08:57

more tributes

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Posted 2020-August-20, 09:05

may he go with that leather jacket

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Posted 2020-August-20, 15:42

I am really shocked and very sad!
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#15 User is offline   Curls77 

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Posted 2020-August-21, 09:48

oh noo, how horribly terribly sad : (((

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Posted 2020-August-22, 00:48

Me too - back for a quick tour through the old neighborhood.

RIP JLall, JLogic, JLOL, PhantomSac
Hi y'all!

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Posted 2020-August-24, 15:18

Christina Lund Madsen said what I wanted to say in her column today, in a way that proves that as a journalist, I make a good director:


Honesty was the second [key character trait]. If you asked him his opinion about bridge or love or life, he would give you his opinion whether you were going to like the answer or not, but never in a hurtful way.

His honesty was also displayed at the bridge table. He would go out of his way to make an ethical decision though it might cost the contract...

He was a loud, swearing, wild-haired gentleman in sandals.

I would have said the same thing, but been more "honest"...

We had our differences, and our agreements, and he only knew me from here. Never mind that, even though I wasn't one of "the tour" as either player or TD, he treated me honestly in Penticton when our paths crossed, always.

Brash, loud, and outspoken, brilliant enough to pull it off, and willing to be as public with his (very few) mistakes, his kind of Young Gun Pro is something this game needs more of, and, because it doesn't pay as well as a more common style of "young pro" does, we're not likely to see as much.

Thanks Justin.
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