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How to have some fun

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Posted 2020-May-08, 03:34

I am one of the members that joined after the pandemic. i estimate I have 50-100 master points.

At the ACBL club I belonged to, there were levels of play. I can't find them here. With a previous partner from the club we played a few tournaments and came in like 393 of 395. So that's the wrong place. But we can't find what the right place is. I joined Prime and have had zero results from it.

I'm not looking for instruction or practice. I'm looking for fun, make friends, find players at my level. Any suggestions?

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Posted 2020-May-08, 15:16

My suggestion: set up a table with your partner, and play with who shows up. You will find many from good to bad bridge players, good to bad partners, good to bad table mates. Keep track of the good (especially the good partners and table mates), potentially ask them for games and expand your circle, or kibitz their games with others and expand your circle.

A great way to have fun is to find a couple of people you know (and like) from your club, and set up a semi-regular hour to play a set game. Several of my friends have told me what their set games are, now that IRL games aren't; and I drop in occasionally to hang around, and occasionally fill in. This will also expand your circle (more slowly of course, but likely more pleasantly).

If your club has lower-level games, and have moved them to BBO for the meantime, enter those tournaments rather than the ones that are open.

Finally, I've had my share of dead last games; everybody has; and will again. I'm actually proud of a few of them - for instance the time I was 130th out of 132, in the First Final session of the NABC+ Mixed Pairs. Sure, that's bad (and I'm prouder of the 75th I got in the second final session), but I did better than half the field, who didn't make it to day 2! Some of whom had played on the US National team!

The only sure way to get better at this game is to play above your level and take your beats. Don't do it all the time - it's hard on the ego. But don't avoid it all the time, either, or you'll be in 15 years a player with 1000 masterpoints that is no better than you are now. When you do play up, remember that 50% (or +cross-IMPS) is a win for you; maybe even 45%, if you normally have trouble beating 40.
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