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Opening a Weak-2 with a void why not?

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Posted 2020-February-12, 13:07

Hello everyone!

I'm quite new to bridge and very new to this forum; happy to be here.

I have learned, that one should not open a weak-2 with a void. The official Austrian teaching materials (very similar to "Standard American") even state that you MUST NOT do this, but without any further explanations given. Unfortunately no one else has every told me WHY this should be the case. I can't see a real reason, why a void should prevent me from a weak-2. My teacher, who is also my bridge partner, told me that a void is no problem (assuming the hand is otherwise suitable for a weak-2). Browsing the web I found different opionions on that matter, but not an answer to the question "Why not?"

Can somebody please give me a reason or at least some argument for "not opening a weak 2 with a void"?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Posted 2020-February-12, 14:03

The reasoning is that a void can be very powerful but then again it might not be. If partner has KJTx in one suit and xxx in another, and you have Qxx in one suit and void in another, you have either one or three losers in those suits depending on which of the two suits you are void in. So partner won't bid so accurately.

Another reason is that opps usually have a fit in the suit you are void in. If they have a 10 cards fit, your preempt won't prevent them from finding it. If they have an 8 card fit you actually want them to find the fit, as partner will have a nasty surprise for them.

That said, I would still open a weak two. It may not be very descriptive but neither is pass!
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Posted 2020-February-12, 14:53

I think the main argument is that you have good support for 2 other suits and might miss a better contract there when partner has 1- in your suit.

I would not open with void and 4 cds in an unbid major especially spades or if 2nd seat. But otherwise a void alone would not prevent me from opening an otherwise normal weak two.

It's a minor flaw at most, it would take multiple other flaws for me not to open.


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