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lucky to get away with this

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Posted 2020-January-18, 06:49


I was South and feeling a little more aggressive than normal. West was a member of the I-will-not-defend club and just wouldn't shut up, so I doubled him. He blew a trick in the play and went three off for a complete top for NS. If he doubles me in 4, I'm going a minimum of two off, and more likely three off, to make eight tricks requires me to play the K dropping the queen. Partner held less than I expected.

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Posted 2020-January-18, 07:01

West also seems a member of the "I don't like a takeout double" club too. :)

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Posted 2020-January-18, 07:43

Atrocious bidding, atrocious play, atrocious result.

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Posted 2020-January-18, 18:53

Why is this an interesting hand? South’s 1H is ok and east’s raise to 3D was ok but west’s over all was terrible and the rest of the auction got steadily worse. There is nothing of interest in any of it

This forum is for interesting hands
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