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PrecisionL's club structure

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Posted 2019-November-15, 21:01

Larry, you might want to take a look at Benlessard's system. Not recommending it necessarily, but Ben is a strong believer in finding a landing spot for hands where responder is very negative. If I remember right his responses are something like...

1D-hearts, very weak or GF
.....1H-willing to play 1H
1H-spades, very weak or GF
.....1S-willing to play 1S
1S-denies a major?, very weak or GF?

and then his other bids should be semipositives.

His is a relay system. Don't know if you like relay or not.

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Posted 2019-November-28, 21:37

Thanks. Very similar to what I play in another partnership.
Ultra Relay: see Daniel's web page: https://bridgewithda...19/07/Ultra.pdf
C3: Copious Canape is still my favorite system. (Ultra upgraded)(PM me for notes)

Played a Mosca (Nightmare-Fantunes-Millennium like) system with canapé, 11-14 NT with Keri Invites and Intermediate 2 bids (10-14), & 15+ 1 opener with transfer negatives @ 1-level & transfer positives @ the 2- and 3-levels. Canape after opening 1 or 1 (into a minor suit only). Played Naturelle in 2018. 2019 playing Canapé Club: 1 promises 4+ and 10+ hcp and is forcing 1 round (after George Coffin's NBC: Natural Big Club).

Playing Transfer Precision with Steve Moese, 2019-2020. Santa Fe Precision published 8/21/19. Playing Lyle Poe's 1C (11-14/18+) with transfer responses and Relays in 2020. Also Magic experiment (Science Modernized) with Lenzo. Rakesq & Keylime & I working on modernizing Noble Shore's Recursive system.

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