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Cue Bid Raise / Support raise

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Posted 2019-July-24, 23:22

We have started playing cue bid raises in the majors after opps overcall. All examples I have come across are just for majors. Partner has asked if it is applicable to minors as well? Say after 1-(1)-2 showing limit raise and a heart stop. Subsequent new suit bids show stops for 3NT.

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Posted 2019-July-25, 01:45

It applies over minors too. That said, it normally doesn't promise a stopper in their suit. Something like Ax xxx KQxxx Qxx is a perfectly good 2 bid for the provided auction.
Wayne Somerville

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Posted 2019-July-25, 03:51

Yes, but the cue Limit raise would also deny a 4 Card spade suit in your given seq.
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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Posted 2019-July-25, 05:08

My partner and I use cue bid raises to show 10+ points and support for partner's opening suit, obviously taking into consideration whether we are playing four or five card majors and/or convenient minors.

The idea behind cue bid raises as far as I know is that they show genuine support for partner's suit with more flexibility to bid after, which then leaves limit raises 1 - 3, 1 - 4, for example, as pre-emptive bids.

Like manudude03, I haven't come across a situation where they promise a stopper in an opponent's suit, but that might be a new take on them that I haven't come across recently.

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Posted 2019-July-26, 01:09

The main problem I have with cue raises of a minor opening bid is that it takes up a LOT of space which might force the auction too high or hinder the exploration for NT. It looks like Zia uses 2 as a limit raise with or without competition (never natural) but I cannot tell from their convention card alone if there are exceptions.
It will be helpful to have a firm partnership agreement as to what size and shape is being shown.

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Posted 2019-July-26, 02:21

Can recommend this method, assuming you play 5cM:

1m-(o/c)-CUE = support, 10+. New suits either natural or stop-showing, up to you.

1m-(o/c)-2NT = NAT, (10)11-12, stop in their suit.

1M-(o/c)-CUE = 3c support, 10+
1M-(o/c)-2NT = 4+c support, 10+

jump to 3M mixed, something like 7-9, 4 cards
jump to 4M pre-emptive, normally 5 cards


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