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Lead against NT - 1

#1 User is offline   apollo1201 

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Posted 2019-June-16, 14:25

From this WE league. IMPs, all red. RHO deals and opens 1NT (strong), all pass. You have to find a lead with:


Unfortunately, I can’t create polls.

#2 User is offline   rmnka447 

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Posted 2019-June-17, 08:57

You have 4 points. Opener has 15-17. LHO likely has no more than 8. That accounts for 27-29 points, so partner likely has 11-13 HCP.

None of your suit holdings are likely to be set up easily. Even if you can set up , you have no entry to cash the trick.

So, you effort to beat 1 NT, should be keyed towards taking your best shot at setting up long suit tricks in partner's hand.

Lead the J as it requires only 1 honor and length in partner's hand to set up long suit tricks.

#3 User is offline   gszes 

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Posted 2019-June-20, 19:41

Normally I would lead the heart J trying to hit partner. IF we are playing a system where 2c shows a one suited hand I would lead a small club since p could easily be afraid of showing clubs which would have to be played at the 3 level.

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