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One for the road?

Poll: Please wait until 20 votes have been cast before commenting (25 member(s) have cast votes)

In the OP context, what is your call?

  1. Pass (8 votes [32.00%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 32.00%

  2. 6H (13 votes [52.00%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 52.00%

  3. Other (4 votes [16.00%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 16.00%

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Posted 2019-June-14, 06:56

View Postnige1, on 2019-June-13, 16:32, said:

The point of interest in this topic is that partner hesitated before bidding 5.
There are now 24 votes and 7 voted to pass 5.
See the BridgeWinners topic:
What is the correct TD decision and why

With all due respect to Kit, Richard Fleet and others, it is apparent that in this discussion only Barry Rogoff and David Burn have any idea of the methods. East may have taken undue time to arrive at 5, but he had no other choice (given his lack of certainty about second level control of clubs, as expressed by his ignoring the double), just as pass was not an LA for West (who has the desired second level control of clubs and knows that his 4 cannot have caused partner to mysteriously lose the interest that his 4 continued to show). I guess it could be argued that UI suggests 6 rather than 6, but that seems rather academic and in any case West chose the latter.

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Posted 2019-June-14, 06:57

View Postnige1, on 2019-June-14, 06:45, said:

At the table, 6 was bid and made. Defenders called the director who rolled the contract back to 5. Few considered MsJennifer's excellent point: that it's unclear what the break in tempo suggests.

This is the crux of the decision, but whatever he was thinking about, it was by definition more encouraging than bidding 5 (I think ANYTHING else is), so I would rule it back (and with the hesitation would pass 5)

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Posted 2019-June-15, 01:35

Many people seem to think that you have significant extras on this auction, but I suspect that, at the table, you would have thought you showed these with the 4 cue bid.

You've already promised three controls and 'extra' values with the 3 bid. Going above game means that you have even more extras and you'd be happy to pass a quick 5 call from partner, saying things like partner has denied real interest because they have not bid 4NT (whatever it means) or cue bid 5.

So it's a very simple ruling to disallow 6 after the break in tempo.

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