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Transfer response to 1D

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Posted 2019-June-09, 05:22

My partner and I play 2/1 with 1, 1, 1 being transfers to a 1 opening. The idea came from

My question revolves around more modern ways of responding to a 1 opening in 2/1.

Q: Is there any modern way of using transfers over a 1 opening in 2/1 or even over 1 - 2?

I hope that makes sense. I'd appreciate any expert opinion.

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Posted 2019-June-09, 10:10

Transfers would be awkward.
Switching meaning of 1 and 1 is doable.
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Posted 2019-June-12, 03:28

Why would you want to? If you are playing transfers over 1 it is better to open 1 with balanced hands. Transfers are most useful over balanced hands. If partner opens 1 then presumably he is not balanced. Now you should not want to give him information, rather find out what his hand is, as he is quite possibly short in your suit, when you would be better off letting him bid out his shape first.

This argues for a relay from you rather than a real suit, but when you are weak you cannot avoid the risk of getting too high. It maybe better to play 1 and 1 as natural or swapped, but weak, and 1NT as a relay otherwise. Or if you wish also have 2 as weak,and 1NT with weak clubs, so 2 is used as a stronger relay.

Discus with partner what shape hands you would prefer to open 1 to get the most out of transfers, and then the others are your 1 candidates. A "balanced club / unbalanced diamond" approach has benefits.

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