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A little luck goes a long way.

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Posted 2019-May-23, 04:03

One of the best hands I have ever bid and made is the following.

I was N. The other players’ name will not be revealed.
The bidding was as shown.
With S’s voluntary end-bid of 6NT, I could guess that he lacked one Ace, which should be the Ace. Then, with W’s double, I could also guess that W held all the missing honors: the Ace, and possibly one or two Kings. Partner’s bid of 6NT may also mean that he had both the K and the Q of . If such was the case, then I’d better play in than in Notrump. So, I bid 7 with W’s roar of “Double”.
As the cards lie, the line of playing is clear. Whatever the opening lead was, I could make 7 for 1630 points based on what has been guessed above.

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Posted 2019-May-23, 05:56

If you make this deduction, redoubling 6N will get you a better result when partner has J10x, AQxx, KQxx, AQ, and 1360 or whatever it is and 1630 should be similar numbers of matchpoints.

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Posted 2019-May-23, 07:27

This auction reminds me of a famous quote from a German artist: "I don't think I could eat as much as I want to throw up".

But hot damn, what a result! Well done, and I hope you get to tell the story as often as possible - everyone needs hands like this to liven up your life.

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Posted 2019-May-23, 07:53

I have to say it as it is, but frankly 7C is an awful bid. It was lucky. Partner wants to play 6NT from his/her side of the table. You have to trust your partner, even one that bashes out 4NT after a single opening bid.

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Posted 2019-May-26, 21:51

The result was great, but the hand was bid poorly.

Now tell me why South couldn't have AQ86 KQ86 instead of the cards actually held in those suits?

Bidding Grand Slam on a guess isn't right. You bid Grand only if you can count 13 tricks or if you are sure it is at worst about a 70% chance or better to make.

Guessing partner does not hold A is putting the A in partner's hand. One cardinal rule of bidding is "Never put cards into partner's hand unless bridge logic tells you they absolutely have to be there."

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