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Enjoyed this

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Posted 2019-April-07, 01:20

***** you, Donald Trump.
***** you for being a racist asshole.
***** you for standing up for everything I do not believe in.
***** you for that stupid red tie that was probably made in China.
***** you for grabbing pussy that doesn’t belong to you.
***** you for your stupid Trump tower that was built on hatred.
***** you for running for President of our country.
***** you for causing fear in our LGBTQ youth and in society.

***** you for taking credit for Barack Obama’s work.
***** you for being such a stupid orange jerk.
***** your kids for killing wild animals and then bragging in pictures.
***** you for your little dick syndrome, I’m sure my emotional cock is bigger!
***** you for your stupid wife, stupid family, stupid dreams.
***** you for just plain and simple being mean.

***** you for making fun of the handicapped.
***** you for denying your own faults.
***** you for taking the campaign from the woman who deserved to win.
***** you for cheating and conspiring with Putin.
***** you for your stupid hair.
***** you for pretending like you care.

***** you for your twitter account.
***** you for not showing your tax amounts.
***** you for claiming that you are changing the world.
***** you for ***** little girls.
***** your Trump University.
***** the money you have stolen.
***** your stupid toilet thats golden.

***** your ideas.
***** your simple mind.
***** your entitlement.
***** your thoughts on mankind.
***** having you as my leader.
***** that, for sure.
***** the idea that you will make America great again.
Barack already did that, he was genuine and his heart pure.

***** your misogynistic values.
***** your lack of intelligence.
***** your entire campaign.
***** your cheeto face.
***** your triple chin.
***** your stupid cabinet.
***** those rich stupid white men.
***** your campaign manager.
***** Kelly, oh look, she’s on Fox News again!

***** your twisted soul.
***** your ideas on lack of global warming.
***** your entire regime.
We should have all seen this as a warning.
***** your supporters.
***** Paul Ryan.
***** the people you paid off in order to simply claim a win.

***** you, Donald Trump.
***** you forever and a day.
I think you are stupid,
I wish you would have never been cheated in.
I hope that no one shows up to perform at your inauguration.
***** your hatred.
***** your gloating stupid big head.
***** you for the next four years.
If we get lucky you will be impeached instead.

This is my open letter to you.
I ***** think you are a joke, ridiculous, a hoax.
I think you are a ***** scam.
You are not one of us cool kids.
You are not worthy.
You can not sit with us.
***** you for pretending to care about anyone on this planet, I mean, God Damn!

***** you for the rest of your days.
I hope that you sit and suffer in silence.
But, I know that won’t happen.
As long as you can tweet you will brag and gloat and spew bullshit,
As long as you have an outlet, we know you won’t quit.
So let me say “***** You” well in advance.
I hope that you and Putin enjoy this dance.
I hope you don’t kill us all with your stupid tiny hands.

Donald, you are not a leader.
You are a bully, you are broken, mentally unstable.
Just go get some help, break your pride, if you are able.
Either way though, ***** you.
***** you .
***** you.


‘In general, though, counting losers is easy. You find the people who mention “losing trick count” or “losers” in a post-mortem, line them up, and count them’.
-Kieran Dyke

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