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Is it Just Me? Or.... Crazy Robots

#21 User is offline   etha 

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Posted 2019-April-15, 03:46

View Postdebstander, on 2019-April-14, 16:43, said:

Absolutely, Theo. Complete craziness. No human partner would have ignored those hearts to support a contract in Diamonds.

I think it is because of its insane methods i.e. 2h and 3h are non forcing so it has to make a forcing bid but I could be wrong.

#22 User is offline   debstander 

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Posted 2019-April-22, 19:11

So here's another disastrous bidding fiasco that resulted in something horrible like 3 down 4.

Here was my line of reasoning. Open with clubs, perfectly standard. Partner comes back with 2, all right -- it is what it is. East intervenes with a 2 bid. At that point I had to ask myself whether I could push a little higher. We were not vulnerable and the ops were and I was hoping that if I pushed them to 3 we could defeat their contract. I had a hand full of spades. So I bid 3. Opposition passes and what does my Crazy Robot partner do? Suddenly out of the clear blue sky, with only three miserable hearts in its hand, it bids 3.

Why? I mean, the logical thing would be to either bid the nice diamonds partner is holding or otherwise pass.

Why the hearts? I had no idea what was meant and obviously had one foot off the precipice with no turning back. So I passed.

Why the hearts?


#23 User is online   smerriman 

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Posted 2019-April-22, 20:03

Always read the description of your bid before making it.

Seems odd - I would have assumed it showed 5 clubs and is competitive only - but 3 is described as showing 17-18 total points (along with 4+ clubs), so I guess GIB is interested in game. The description of 3 is also odd - says nothing about stoppers but 8-9 points and 4+ clubs.

So odd bids, but reading the descriptions would have saved you.
Feel free to send me a friend challenge of any format as often as you like. I'll always accept :)

#24 User is offline   TylerE 

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Posted 2019-April-22, 20:15

View Postdebstander, on 2019-April-22, 19:11, said:

Open with clubs, perfectly standard.

You should be opening all balanced 14s and some balanced 13s 1NT playing with GIB, because GIB bids so much better on those sequences.

#25 User is offline   oldoc 

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Posted 2019-May-11, 10:51

View Postdebstander, on 2019-March-31, 20:01, said:

Using this site again after a couple of years' absence and everytime I log on and play a few ACBL Robot tournaments something happens that makes me want to ask for my money back. Yesterday the issue was when my Robot partner bid Stayman in a response to my 1NT opener and when dummy went down, my Robot partner didn't have four of either of the majors. So how can THAT happen? And today, in a Robot tournament, I had 15 points and opened 1NT and my Robot partner eventually bid 4NT, which was described as invitational to 6NT, with my partner having "17-18 HCP." Since the description said "High Card Points," not Total Points, and I had 15 HCP, I went to 6NT. Well, guess what? My Robot partner did NOT have 17-18 HCP. It had about 14, and we were down two. So again, the description accompanying the bid was misleading and erroneous.

What is this? Surely this system needs some cleaning up? I also see people winning tournaments by using non-standard bids, for example, opening with a four-card major and similar practices which really discourage me from shelling out good money just to pit myself against a system that can be gamed and cannot be relied up.

Anyone else feel this way?

If Robot were a real person it is doubtful that he/she/it could play more than half dozen hands before being physically attacked by his/her/its partner. While his/her/its bidding is often questionable, his/her/its opening leads are absolutely off the wall terrible.

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