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Who bid badly?

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Posted 2019-March-20, 10:01

North's 2d opening shows a 5-5 2 suiter (not both minors) 11-16 points with all the points in the 2 suits.
2H by south is relay asking for partner to describe his strength and suits.
(any other bid by south is correctable)

Should south be relaying with 2H or just making some correctable bid?
Should north be bidding over 3d with a maximum.
If north passes 3d, should south double?

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Posted 2019-March-20, 10:12

I think South should bid 2S. Of course, occasionally you will play in a 5-2 fit when you have a 6-5 one available, but it does at least get you to a playable spot at a sensible level.
Gordon Rainsford
London UK

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Posted 2019-March-20, 11:15

North's choice of opening a limited hand was wrong, imo. The hand is stronger than the 16 points displayed because they are all in 2 5 card suits. The hand has great playing power. That is why they continued over 3n, they realized they had underbid their hand to that point, and 4d was an attempt to "catch up". South was fine up to the 4d bid. Partner is insisting on playing in one of their suits, south should play in one. I'm assuming that the system was able to identify which 2 suits north had. If it didn't, then the system needs work. The reason south wasn't out of line, is because if the 2 suiter is clubs and a major, the hand is pretty good. North would have reason to complain if they had some discipline and passed 3n and watched their partner crash and burn, but they didn't.

So, to answer the question, they both did badly.

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