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Pairs Judgements (2)

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Posted 2019-March-15, 03:43

Pairs. Partner opens a weak NT.

Your options include:
- 3 Natural, forcing to game & slam invitational.
- 2 Transfer to clubs.

If you choose to transfer, partner will show a positive (will promise a club honour in a 3-card or longer suit). Partner would then bid 3NT if you show a diamond shortage.

How willing are you to go past 3NT?

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Posted 2019-March-15, 03:53


your plan xfer + showing the diamond shortage sounds good.
If he declines, we play 3NT.

With kind regards
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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Posted 2019-March-15, 06:11

For you to have a slam on, partner requires a VERY specific hand, he has a diamond stop and A (I presume 10xx is not enough for a positive) so it would need to be A, K, A and a diamond stop with one of the major suits doubleton which seems a pretty narrow target to hit. There are a few more unlikely possibilities if partner has J10xx as his diamond stop, but he should realise this is a great holding for a club slam.

I would transfer, show the diamond shortage, and respect partner's 3N

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Posted 2019-March-15, 15:37

I’d be slamming and go beyond 3NT facing a strong NT. But facing a weak NT with wasted D values,S wide open, it is wiser to pass and avoid the 5C= bottom. I would do the same at IMPs even.

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