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Posted 2019-February-11, 16:50

View Postsfi, on 2019-February-05, 00:09, said:

Know the odds of a break for when there are 2-7 cards in the opponents' hands. Any good player should have these cold - post them on your fridge if you have to. The phrases "52-48", "78-22", "40-50-10", "68-28-4", "36-48-14-2" and "62-30-7-1" should be ingrained in the memory. (8 is "47-33-17-3-0" if you feel a bit more adventurous.)
Perhaps the last set should read 33-47-17-3-0 and
The 2nd set should read 41-50-10

A mnemonic rhyme in an old English Bridge Magazine said:

At fifty-two, fifty, forty-eight,
The even numbers operate
For odd numbers, we equate
Seventy-eight and sixty-eight.
To drop the King we want eleven
The Queen needs only nine
The Knave, in turn requires but seven,
The answers always fine.
So if an inference you spot
You'd best forget the whole damn lot.

This is meant to help us to remember that
An even number of missing cards split
  • 1-1 52%,
  • 3-1 50%, and
  • 4-2 48% of the time.

An odd number of missing cards split
  • 2-1 78%, and
  • 3-2 68% of the time.


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Posted 2019-February-11, 17:44

View Postnige1, on 2019-February-11, 16:50, said:

Perhaps the last set should read 33-47-17-3-0.

Oops. I knew I couldn't put that many numbers in one post without making a mistake somewhere. Of course, 4-4 breaks are less likely than 5-3 breaks.

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Posted 2019-February-11, 20:04

Thx Sfi and Nige

I always have a problem with memory aids. I can usually remember the memory aid but forget what everything stands for. I can remember mnemonics from high school biology 40+ years ago but not the biology. I like the ditty though :)

Sadly I came up against a 6-1 today :(

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