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Showing positive response after competition in Precision

#1 User is offline   steve2005 

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Posted 2018-December-16, 19:58

On page 31-32 of Charles Goren presents the Precision System of Contract Bridge there is a method for showing a positive response in an artificial.
This applies to interference up to 2NT. Double is 5-8 no 5-card suit. suit bid is 5-8 5 card suit and jumps show 6+ card suit.
he bid I am interested in is the cheapest NT which shows a 5+ card suit 9+ hcp and is GF.
You have to jump in NT to show 9-11 balanced.

USA Bridge

USA bridge has a Precision article posted around 2010. The article on competition can be found here. precision 5
Here they don't use the same method have made a change but similar. Talked as if used previous version.
Cheapest NT shows 9+ balanced and
Cheapest suit shows 9+ and a suit.

My question has anyone used this or seen it used in practise?
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Posted 2018-December-16, 21:15

Goren's summary seems unwieldy with 5 bids for 5-8 HCP and the NT bid likely to wrongside a 3NT contract.

Daniel Neill's Standard Modern Precision book uses:

Pass - 0-5 HCP (or possibly a trap pass)
Double 6-7 HCP any shape (possibly a balanced game force without a stopper)
Non-jump suit bid - 8+ HCP and 5+ card suit
NT - Balanced and game forcing with stopper
2 level cue bid -Balanced game forcing without stopper
Jump shift in suit, 5-7 HCP with good long suit

#3 User is offline   TylerE 

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Posted 2018-December-16, 21:49

Also pass in SMP can be a good hand, with doubling interest (e.g. they just bid my 5 bagger in front of me).

In general I would disregard anything from Goren Precision (Or Wei Precision, for that matter). They state of the art has moved quite far, and the "meta" has shifted quite a bit.

#4 User is offline   nige1 

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Posted 2018-December-16, 22:40

IMO you can virtually ignore interference below 1N.
For example, after partner opens a strong 1 and your RHO calls
  • (Double) then you can use your normal response structure, allocating special meanings to pass and redouble..
  • (1) then you can use your normal response structure with pass substituted for 1 and allocate a special meaning to double.
  • (1) then you can use your normal response structure with pass substituted for 1 and double substituted for 1
  • (1) is the lowest call that restricts your options but then you can use your normal response structure with double substituted for 1 and pass substituted for 1 or 1.

If the overcall is natural, then you can stipulate that 1N shows a stop but a cue-bid shows a relatively balanced hand without a stop.

For overcalls of 1N and above, you can adopt something like the suggestions from previous posts

#5 User is offline   etha 

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Posted 2018-December-18, 06:54

Jack the computer program uses these. I think they are terrible personally and would go with Nige1's approach.

#6 User is offline   PrecisionL 

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Posted 2019-January-05, 15:16

Here is my scheme with several Precision Partners:

Pass = 0-5
1 = 5-7 hcp
XX = 8+ and no 5-cd suit, G.F.
Suits: System On, G.F.
1-level Overcall:
Pass = 0-5 hcp
X = 6+ hcp
Suit / NT = Systems on, G.I. or better
2-level Overcall:
Pass = 0-5 hcp
X = 8+ hcp, may have a suit that is below opponent's suit
Suit = 8+ hcp Good suit, but X if suit under opponent's overcall

Ultra Relay: see Daniel's web page: http://bridgewithdan...stems/Ultra.pdf
C3: Copious Canape is still my favorite system. (Ultra upgraded)

NOW playing a Mosca (Nightmare-Fantunes-Millennium like) system with canapé, 11-14 NT with Keri Invites and Intermediate 2 bids (10-14), & 15+ 1 opener with transfer negatives @ 1-level & transfer positives @ the 2- and 3-levels. Canape after opening 1 or 1 (into a minor suit only). Playing Naturelle in another partnership.

Playing Transfer Precision with Steve Moese, 2019.

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Posted 2019-January-06, 16:08

There is a good case to use transfers. These can allow the overcaller to be put on lead as well as increase the number of options for the strong club side. If the transfer can be accepted at the one- or two-level then it is relatively easy to include 5-7 hands as well as GF ones.

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