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I have a few questions about this

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Posted 2018-December-13, 00:07

View Postthepossum, on 2018-December-12, 18:42, said:

thx all

I wanted to find a bid, having the four trumps but didn't analyse the correct one. I spent so much time thinking about spade limit bids that I missed the 1nt response, mentioned by several people.

I think that was clearly my correct bid.

As a follow up question, how should we evaluate 4 trumps with only 2 HCPs we are effectively saying that the 4-trump fit is worth 3-4 points or so, yes? given that the short hearts give me 1 short point, 2 HCPs.

So the 4 trumps are worth 3 points? I need to remember the 1NT next time

Note, I dont think anyone bid the 1NT. Everyone of the one third (who didnt pass) bid variants of Spade bids. 2,3 and 4

In fact, when I was browsing bridge sites to find the appropriate bid I did find it mentioned on one site, Richard Pavlicek, so thx to those above on this thread who also mentioned it. Maybe it needs to be more widely known as an option. INT followed by correct back to spade support because usually it denies major support, yes?

It depends partially, which version of forcing NT you are playing.
A common structure was to play a 2S raise as constructive, i.e. (+)7-(-)10, and to put the garbage raise to 2S into the forcing NT,
usually the range was 4-7, but this did include distribution, fit and a singleton would already be enough.
Add Bergen Raises. a 3S raise showed something 2-6 with 4 card support, see e.g.
Not playing Bergen, the 9th trump is usually worth at least 2-3HCP, you wont need to to worry to much about missing the Queen of trumps.
The advantage of putting weak raises into 1NT is, that the risk of getting passed out opening 1M gets reduced, this strengthens your 2C
opener, see the original hand. The downside is, it makes prebalancing / interventions by the opponents safer, the expected average strength
of the 1NT response goes down (without it is higher, since it includes 10-12 bal. and the 3 card limit raise).
Also you loose the option of playing semi forcing NT, semi forcing NT is now more common than forcing NT.
But it does work.
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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