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Chat button

#1 User is offline   GHSteele 

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Posted 2018-November-17, 10:00

When chatting I wonder who, if anyone, pushes the CHAT button. Ordinary people simply click enter. If CHAT is clicked with no text entered you get a nasty error message. Let's let that button have a use.
Suggestion: There is a <clear chat> in the (Chat) Options. Make that function called when the (currently) CHAT is clicked. Change the text on the button to read "Clear Chat".

Related suggestion regarding stale chat messages.
When there is little chat activity comments from minutes ago may still be there. They could be made to go away by having the system introduce a blank line in every chat once a minute.

#2 User is offline   661_Pete 

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Posted 2018-November-17, 10:54

More immediately useful, to me, would be the ability to turn off chat "->club", leaving only chat "->table" (and private chat) visible.

Time and time again (especially on busy evenings in the Acol club) the chatline gets cluttered with irrelevant messages from other tables. My problem is that it causes the chat local to my table to scroll up too quickly. I may miss important messages as a result (like someone stating a convention).

#3 User is offline   dtaneri 

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Posted 2018-November-18, 13:01

I want to be able to use the chat button to put messages that I commonly use in the alert box. This would speed things

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