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Score Function in Dealer. Sintax error

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Posted 2018-November-04, 02:53

I have problems with the sintaxis of the score function in dealer

I tried for example


produce 100

predeal south SAKT65, H76, DA973, CK8

predeal north SJ872, HAT, DT4, CA9732

action average "Score Av." score(none, x6S, tricks (south,spades))

I changed the sintaxis of score function in different ways but always returns a Sintaxis error in the last line. I do not have the correct sintaxis for the vulnerability maybe this is the cause.

Anybody has tested this function with success and could help me?

Thank you

PS: This is what Help page says

score(vulnerability, contract, tricks)

Returns the positive or negative score that declarer will make if the given contract, at the given vulnerability condition, is played and the given number of tricks are made. The syntax for "contract" is of the form "x3N" for 3 no-trumps, "x7C" for 7 clubs, etc; the leading "x" is needed. There is currently no way to specify that the contract is doubled, nor that it is re-doubled. The result will be positive if the contract makes, negative if it goes down.

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