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To pass out .... or not?

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Posted 2018-September-14, 06:06


If you change your point range to 11-14, I would do it in all positions,
i.e. partner will never invite, if you open 1NT in 4th.
In fact: it is unclear, if he should invite a 4th seat 1NT 12-14 opener,
playing MP, the best you can expect is a 3NT 14 vs. 11, I dont have the numbers,
but the percentage of making 3NT is most likely less than 50%.

If you swap hearts with clubs, you could open 1D, planning to pass every response.
As I started to learn Acol, I was told never to respond 2NT facing a 1 level suit

With kind regards
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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Posted 2018-September-14, 11:55

View Posthelene_t, on 2018-August-18, 20:20, said:

Yeah I think so. 11+14 is a bit better than 17+8. Also, sometimes responder has an 11-count with a 4- or 5-card major.

Weak notrump in 3rd/4th seat is one my pet peeves. Play 11-13 with nonconstructive responses or 14-16 with constructive responses.

Forgot about this thread. Sure 11+14 is better than 17+8. But I sure don't want to play 2N with 11+11-13...

basically what P_Marlowe said
Videos of the worst bridge player ever playing bridge:

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