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Daylong IMP tournaments Please provide 'provisional' placing (PPPP)

#1 User is offline   bluff10 

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Posted 2018-February-18, 10:45

When I get my provisional results in the Daylong IMP tournaments, and I score lets say 14.9 IMPs, its impossible to tell if I'm about average , or better or worse. (With MP's I get a provisional % score). It would be 'nice to have' if, in addition to No. of IMPs, you would show the provisional placing, such as e.g. 1134/2644.

Free Daylong tournament (IMP) - 2018-02-18
Provisional results for bluff10

This tournament is still in progress. Final results will be delivered when this event concludes.

Board Result Score Tables IMPs
1 4HN= 420 88 3.4
2 4SS+2 680 98 0.2
3 3DN= 110 95 2.4
4 4HS= 620 80 2.2
5 3CS+1 130 69 1.7
6 5SS+1 480 73 4.5
7 4CN+1 150 65 1.4
8 2HN-1 -50 69 -0.9

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Posted 2018-February-18, 18:12

If your provisional IMP is bigger than zero it means you are expected to end in the upper half.

But yes, BBO could give you your provisional ranking also. I can see a small problem with this, though. If you are among the first 100 to play the hands, your ranking may be 1/100 and then it may disapoint later to see that you ended "only" 57/5000 or such. Your IMPs are likely to be fairly consistent, though, unless you are on of the first five or ten people to play the hands.
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Posted 2018-February-19, 23:10

I think the point he's making is that it's hard to estimate how good your result is from IMPs, because some sets of boards provide more opportunity for big IMP swings. Sometimes a total of +10 IMPs is a pretty good result, other times you need 20-30 to get points.

Unfortunately, showing your rank in the provisional results would be a little difficult in the current design. When a tourney ends we have a batch process that calculates everyone's rank and puts this in the database. The provisional results are calculated on the fly, just looking at the results for the specific boards you played. Calculating your rank would require going through everyone else's results, just like that batch job does.

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