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GIB playing a revoke

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Posted 2017-March-13, 22:15

This is the first time I saw GIB play a revoke! Unfortunately I cannot prove my claim because GIB now claims to have done something different than what actually happened. So I'm not sure if the following is helpful to anyone. Anyway, I want to show this here also because this hand was played in a Challenge Event 7A and I should document what happened. This is the hand.

GIB played three rounds of trumps as shown. During the next round GIB crashed. After a minute, I could reload the hand. On 3 and 2, East dropped another ! This was the first impossible card because it would put 6 cards at West. After having opened 1 West should also have 7 cards and the the trumps shown, totalling 16+ cards. But it came worse. I got the trick with the 7, played A upon which West discarded a showing a void! Okay, I thought the cards must have been reshuffled during the crash. I played a small to the ace, K from dummy discarding a , played a small back towards the hand. East played small, I took J and West discarded a ! Here's the revoke.

I took 4 more tricks, played small from the hand to the last trick, West also played, and the hand ended before North and East could play the two last cards. The result was shown as "1N" without indicating the number of tricks, score showed +80 (as if I had just made 1).

Next I checked the replay which was as above. It shows the first 3.5 tricks correctly, then East playing 8 (J is better but doesn't change the situation in principle), and shows me taking the trick with the A, which is crazy. Next it claims I played trumps which is also crazy, West discarded Q (also not very sane), and here the replay stops in the middle of a trick.

Conclusion: Everything up to 3 - 2 (- 8) is correct, the rest is nonsense both as it is shown in the handviewer as well as how it actually happened. Anyway, the hand at this point should end up with 1+2 with any reasonable declarer play. There are no complications, just take your tricks.

Edit: Worse again. After closing the challenge and reopening, the handviewer now shows a different distribution for East and West with some fantasy play that never happened. After Q from West in trick 4 (a card originally with East), the normal play now ends at 1+1.

Edit2: Meanwhile I finished the challenge. My opponent had the cards as shown in the second diagram.

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Posted 2018-July-13, 01:05

It happened to me as well, but I managed to record it happening. Here is the link to the video:

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