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ATB Missed game, Matchpoints.

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Posted 2015-May-04, 02:11

Matchpoints, I suspect Instant. Whatever GIB version was in force on 01 March 2015 when this was played.

I found this when I was hunting around for examples of Drury hands. This was not a Drury hand, of course, but I stumbled upon it.

Sadly the traveller is no longer available in MyHands

Traveller SB:1eyedjack-1425222899-19392191 played by 1EYEDJACK
No data found.

but I scored 21.43% for making 10 tricks in 3S, so I expect that the room was bidding game. Unfortunately I cannot tell whether South took the push at the other tables or North drove there.

Personally, in a live game I would have driven to game with North. But perhaps with South I should also? It is not as if I didn't have some wasted Heart values.

Interesting that 3D shows "rebiddable Spades". More interesting perhaps that it shows up to 12 TP when he has 13.
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Posted 2015-May-04, 14:08

I too would like to know how the auction went at other tables. Hard to imagine that many Souths accepted the invite at MP with this hand. Certainly N must not pass below game.

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