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7-5 blacks bidding and play question

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Posted 2014-December-11, 05:08

IMPs, weak opps, both vul. 5cM weak NT, 2/1 not GF.

2NT = 11-14, with heart stop

1) What do you bid here as N?
2) At the table I picked 4S which was passed out. How would you play it on the lead of the 7? (First trick goes Q, K, A)



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Posted 2014-December-11, 08:57

I'm confident that 3S is forcing, so I would bid that (planning to pull 3NT to 4C).

In 4S, even after the favourable lead, it doesn't look good. I'd cross to the J, play the A pitching the heart, and play T to my J. If spades aren't favorable, i'm in a lot of trouble!

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Posted 2014-December-12, 00:08

As long as spades are no worse than 4-2, I'm happy. Wesley's line is exactly right, and I just keep playing clubs whenever I'm on lead and let them ruff in whenever they want. This is also the line at matchpoints, as I'm ahead of the field by pitching my heart and by not being in 5C which doesn't make an overtrick without help.
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