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Major Priority - 2/1 Partner's Major v. My Major

#1 User is offline   JonnyQuest 

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Posted 2013-August-16, 19:35

Very little discussion

2 guaranteed 6+...but, do you prefer to show the 6th at once or, should partner's 5+ card suit take priority and should opener's rebid be 3?

Also, responder was 2=5=2=4. The way the bidding is shown, should responder rebid 3 or show the 4 card suit? :blink:

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Posted 2013-August-16, 21:22

Just to back up for a second, I play 2s promises 6+ but most on this forum do not!

On this example I prefer to rebid 2s(6) rather than 3h, that is where my hcp are.

As for responder's rebid, again I would bid where I live between 3c or 3s. If very close then 3s.

With all of that said on many hands it is often best to pattern out if there is room, if.

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Posted 2013-August-16, 21:58

also play 2 as showing 6 but I raise to 3
Become yourself.

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Posted 2013-August-17, 10:59

I don't play 2 as showing 6, but if I did, this would be my choice. You have plenty of room to show 3 card heart support when partner bids 2NT or 3m. Show your shape when you can.

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