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1NT preemptive in third seat Weak NT or kamikaze with 5+ minor

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Posted 2013-June-24, 18:01

Didn't know if this should be posted here or in the non-natural forum, but anyway:

I have an idea of opening 1NT in third seat, which then shows a 6-14 semibalanced hand, either normal weak NT (11-14) or 6-10 semibal with a 5 or 6 card minor. The shapes for the 6-10 could be 5332, 5422 (with 5 minor and 4 major, both minors not recommended because of garbage stayman) or 6322. The theory is that we will either play 1NT or find a 5-2 or better fit at the 2-level (unless responder has a 4441 with singleton in our suit). It could be done with 5332/6322/5422 with a major suit as well (or even 7222 I guess).

Does anyone has any experience with something similar?

If the opponents double, responder bids a 5+ suit or passes without (now opener will bid her 5+ minor or redouble with a standard weak NT without a 5+ minor). If they pass, responder may bid garbage stayman or bid 2D, 2H or 2S as a sign off (or simply pass 1NT).

A problem may be that responder can have a hand just close of an opening bid, and invite game. I guess it makes sense to play this convention only when nun-vul, and open all 11-counters in first seat which would want to make an invitational bid towards a normal weak NT.

In ACBL I guess you could play it if you chose not to play Stayman over it (use 2C as a sign off instead)?

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Posted 2013-June-24, 18:27

Let's just say I'd put this one in my "Would play against this at money bridge at any stakes" file.

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Posted 2013-June-24, 22:11

I once had a friend who devised "The Matrix" that had a different 1NT range for every seat and vulnerability. At favourable, a 3rd seat opener was 8-16 (reasonably safe from missing game because 1st seat didn't open 8-10).

Anyway, I play weak NT, but at IMPs I switch to strong in 3rd seat. Your method is interesting in that opener will have at least a 5-card suit.
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Posted 2013-June-25, 01:21

View PostKungsgeten, on 2013-June-24, 18:01, said:

A problem may be that responder can have a hand just close of an opening bid, and invite game.

A worse problem is that it becomes dangerous for responder to compete. E.g. if you have KQxxx xx QJxx xx and it goes 1NT-(2) you really don't want to bid 2 and find partner with xx QJxx xx KQxxx.

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Posted 2013-June-25, 05:53

I have played around with the idea of a 1NT opening showing a weak 2 in a minor or weak with both majors but never gotten around to putting it into practise. These kinds of ideas are probably better as overcalls of strong artificial 1m openings.
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Posted 2013-June-30, 12:17

I used to play 1NT as 11-14 or a weak hand with 5+ (I forgot the HCP range). Worked quite well and was allowed at most tournaments (red system - not BSC because the suit is known). Moreover, responder usually bids 2 Stayman which we could pass (no weak 2 opening means less chance of a transfer).
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