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FAQ good links in BBO, questions answered

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Posted 2004-November-25, 08:59

Updated version of FAQ (e.g. included all the links I had added separately in another post).

BEN, if you copy this list into the master list, make sure you enter this post in "edit mode" before you copy it (so the html links are copied properly)



1. Where to start play/study bridge
.....1.1 Web resources
.....1.2 Study material - Beginners/learning books - General Book reviews/info
.....1.3 General questions
.....1.4 Self improvement/Training

2. Beginner/Intermediate section
.....2.1 Bidding
...........2.1.2 Uncontested
...........2.1.2 Contested
...........2.1.3 Hand evaluation
.....2.2 Card play
...........2.1.2 Declarer play
...........2.2.2 Defense

3. Advanced/Expert section
.....3.1 Bidding
...........3.1.1 Uncontested (Natural systems)
...........3.1.2 Contested (Natural systems)
...........3.1.3 Uncontested (Non-Natural systems)
...........3.1.4 Contested (Non-Natural systems)
...........3.1.5 Hand evaluation

4. Rules questions (TD etc)

5. Software topics

6. BBO help


1. Where to start play/study bridge
(web resources, online and live bridge clubs, beginner books, software, etc)

? Web resources

Looking for bridge sites

Web page of genius Lukasz Slawinski - Who invent the lamp?

Useful web page-bridge theory, top players systems - Garozzo,Bocchi-Duboin,Auken,Soloway...

Best on line Bridge Documents? List specific materials found on line

Sites with articles? -

Excellent website - 2 deals a day by Mike Lawrence

? Study material
Beginners/learning books
General Book reviews/info

Starting from scratch

"Tactical bidding" by Harold Feldheim

Rubens' "Secrets of winning bridge" - Great book !

Watson's "Play of the Hand at Bridge" - hold up

Lawrence's "I fought the Law"

Bridge Books you have re-read the most

Best book to learn how to play the cards

Bridge litriture, literatur, litterature grrrrrrrr Bridge BOOKS

Probability Tables (of hcp distribution)

? General questions

Swiss Teams Basics

What is "Cross-IMPS" ? -

What are IMPS ?

MP scoring and tactics

? Self improvement/Training

Photographic memory http://forums.bridge...?showtopic=5167

What to agree with regular partner?

Counting the hand and remembering cards Practicing techniques + learning curve


2 Beginner/Intermediate section

2.1 Bidding

2.1.1 Uncontested

? General

Simple systems (Advice needed)

The Best Bidding System

How do I ask for a stopper for an NT bid? cue-bidding

best system? what do u think?

How does a beginner decide which conventions to learn? -

What is ACOL?

ACOL 2/1 Sequences - Forcing Or Not?

Dutch Acol

Acol, which suit first?

Notrump Rebids In ACOL

Biddable suits in Acol (e.g. Bypassing a bad 4cM?)

2/1 GF and 1NT Forcing With 4 Card Majors

Playing 4 Card Majors- General approach to 4M systems

Light Openings In 2/1 - How they affect responder's choices

Systems Using Systematic LOBs (Light open. Bids)

Light Opening Bids

Poll: How to open a weak black-2-suiter?

Light opening bid ?

Support of reponders 1M with 3 cards? after 1m opening

3 Card Raise of responders major suit. - 1mi - 1MA - 2MA (possibly with 3 cards)

? Gadgets (NMF, FSF, etc)

Checkback/NMF With Weak NT, and NT Rebid

4th suit force after a 2/1 gf bid? - help needed

Walsh style and transfer Walsh

? Structure after strong openings

Bidding after strong 2C opening

Responding to Strong 2C opener - 2D shows 0-7 pts in this pship

Opener's rebid following 2NT to G/F opening

KOKISH (over 2C) - assistance required

? Slam bidding

Economic Cue bids

4nt for aces, but what is the suit ?

Blackwood - Showing A Void

Cue bid the Blackwood Duplication of information?-

Roman Key Card Blackwood - 0314 1403-

RKCB 30/41 or 41/30 ?

4NT in 1NT acution: Blackwood or limit invitation?

Poll: Opinion: Blackwood or not? 1D-1H-1S-4NT

Learning Kickback

Kickback confusion

redwood, voidwood and anyother wood will do - after RKCB

Blasting in slam auctions - Pros and cons -

Serious No trump and last train (meckwell patents)

? 1NT opening

Revised Keri

Responding to 1NT

Opening with a balanced five-card major

1nt with a 5 card major 2/1 v sayc - curiosity

1NT opening - 10-12 NT

NT weak vs strong

No Trump Ranges

14-16 NT Range

various NT ranges - opinions please


stayman question

stayman question2 - opinions please

Showing 55 In The Majors After 1NT

- NT weak vs strong

- Puppet Stayman Why would anyone play this convention

Jumping Jacoby...

Invitational 2D - Something different over 1NT


Asking for Aces after Stayman sequence- How is it done, it cant be 4NT Blackwood

Stolen bids over NT

? 2NT opening

2NT :Best scheme using Puppet Stayman

Structure over strong 2NT opening

? Reverses

Reverse bids at the level of 2 (SURVEY):

Poll: High Reverse or not

Reverses and 3-level JS - Example why I hate regular 2/1

? Major suit raises

(Lawrence vs Kokish) Drury - convention request

Bergen vs Drury

Snazzy versions of Jacoby 2nt? (Bergen vs. Martel) :

Discussion of Jacoby 2NT Plus

Question about Jacoby 2nt

Bergen Raises

Bergen raises-2


Preemptive Raises With 4 Card Majors

? Game tries

1S- 2C-3C-? After a 2 level response in SAYC

? Minor suit raises

Best Response Structure For Inverted Minors

2.1.2 Contested

? General
Partnership bidding by Robson & Segal (best source for studying competitive auctions)

Supporting responder after a weak jump advance

Why did my partner cue bid diamonds here?

? 1NT Defences
DONT and Cappelletti

Was this ever Meckwell vs NT?

defensive bidding against NT CAPP vs DONT or natural or?

Defense vs NT

Brozel Convention - suit requirements to bid vs NT (good for ANY defense vs NT)

Suction legal in ACBL? over nt..over strong club?

7-4 hand over 1NT opener: Capp One suiter , 2 suiter, or preempt ?

Possible Defense To Weak NT

ASPRO convention

? Overcalls (and advancing)

Overcall or not ? - Holding spades- the boss suit (Thread on borderline pressure bids)

Raising Partner's Overcall

Responding To Overcalls Which Could Be 4 Cards

Transfers over overcalls

Question to raptor users

? Doubles/Redoubles

DBL of 1NT - penalty or not?

double is takeout or penalty?

Double of opponents cue bid (1s) 2c (3c) D or (1c) 1sp (2sp) D

Takeout v penalty some thoughts on stats

Response to Takeout double When RHO bid

Takeout double over a major - revisited An attempt for a recipe

Negative doubles

Use of Sputnik double Legit or not?

Negative double after a 2C overcall

No-Fit Redoubles Does anyone use this approach?

1H 1NT (X)

Forcing or not?

Support Double - What does it show ?

Responder's followup after a support X

How do I bid over this double?

? 2 suited overcalls

Unusual 2 No Trump

Sandwich 1NT/2NT and double

2-suited overcalls Views?

? Michaels

When to use Michaels

What is the meaning of 3D?

Michaels cue bids follow ups - When 3rd hand doesn't pass

? Weak 2s , 3s and higher level opening AND defense TO THSE

Agreements after enemy preempts

Escape sequences after (3X)-3NT-(Dbl) ?

Minimum to double weak 2's?

Bidding over weak 3-bids

3NT as Namyats

Is this hand worth a Namyats ? (in a precision context)

How to bid this ? In both "std" and ur preferred methods

Responding to weak 2s -

Ogust ?

Preemptive Transfer openings

Namyats and requirements

? Balancing

Guidelines to open/passout 4th seat ?

Response to a take out double in balancing position:

High level balancing The "borrow a K" concept at high level

2sp p p 2NT what does balancing 2nt show?

Meaning of 2H-p-p-3NT

Question after balancing the weak two.

Very Aggressive Balancing -

Balancing Against A Strong NT -

Balancing vs weak NT


Jump bid in balancing seat

Balancing low level decision

re-opening with a double (sputnik?)

1!C pass pass pass - disaster a bottom for us

? Natural 1NT overcall

2.1.3 Hand evaluation

Losing trick count A must in suit bidding

Law of Total Tricks:

Competitive Bidding ... How Far to Compete -High Level Competition & Judgement

Beginner's guide to scrambling 2NT

Beginner's guide to balancing

Beginner;s guiede to sacrificing

Beginners guide to IMPs/Matchpoints

Competitive Bidding for a BEGINNER ?

How to count Distribution Points


? High level decisions

A competitive auction who is in charge here ?

? Hands:

Minimum 5440 rebid after 1NT response ?

should I bid? (Game prospects after opps open strong NT? )

pass with this defensive raise?

Poll: 2m vs 1NT scoring What gains most?

X for penalties -opinions please

2.2 Card play

2.2.1 Declarer play

Concealing your holding

Moysian Fit- Declarer's general strategies

Request: Example hands on Moysian Fits ("Beginner guide to Moysians"?)

? Squeeze plays

Introduction to squeeze play

Basic Squeeze Quizes - Place to practice squeeze technique

Backwash Squeeze

? card combinations

Beginner's guide to suit combinations

Beginners guide to suit combinations-2

Card Combo Poll: What do you play?

Card combination

Card combination refs

Suit Play How to play this correctly

Some interesting suit combinations - Try this one, it is fun!

Suit Management

percentage play

? Exercise hands

"Classical BIL exercise" :-) (Maybe trivial?)

Poll: Holding up

Play this hand Match point decision

Another one to try...

Jillybean2 special -This is a hand from actual play...

2.2.2 Defense

? opening leads

Opening Leads - Online Material

Polish leads

Low from Doubleton

when is it right to lead a doubleton

Opening lead problem

Poll: Simple MP lead Q

? carding methods/ std practice

Beginner's guide to signals and giving count

Lavinthal Discards

Count, attitude, preference - When to signal what

Discard method in the midgame

Odd/even What are they?

Why o/even discards ?

Signals etc - opinions required please

Obvious shift -help

3. Advanced/Expert section

3.1 Bidding

3.1.1 Uncontested (natural systems)

? Structured Reverses

Structured Reverses

Gazzilli (artificial reverse with 2C after a 1 over 1)

Multireverse after minor suit opener
(the thread starts with 2NT "Power-reverse" proposal, some replies cover
a Multireverse scheme taught in Italy)

3.1.2 Contested(natural systems)

? General

Responding to overcall Misfit hands-Robson/Segal-Rubens adv.

Negative free bids Pros and cons ?

? Forcing pass

inc double or forcing pass ? which is better

Forcing pass: an example from malmo

Best material for forcing pass

Forcing Pass?

Forcing pass woes
(example of FP at 5 level and discussion)

? Psyches

Legal or not

Legal or not2

? Weak NT opening

with weak NT system, opener's rebids after opening a minor

they double your weak NT....

Coping With Interference To A Weak NT

Keri Responses To Notrump Openings -

Psychic Bids vs. Disclosure

3.1.3 Uncontested (Non natural)

? Weak and 2-way openings

Tartan- with the majors

Multi 2D

Multi two diamonds -please explain convention

Multi 2D overcalled:

Leaping Michaels over Multi 2D ? :

2D multi again must double when they bid your suit ?


? Limited openings

Limit Major Raises In A 5 Card Major Strong Cub System

Idea - Yarborough 1NT Forcing In Strong Club System

? Weak and 2-way openings

Mini-Roman Opening Mini-Roman Opening

Defense To Wilkosz

3.1.4 Contested (Non natural)

? Defenses to conventional openings

Defence over Polish-1club opening... ...and the 1diamond response

Suction legal in ACBL? over nt..over strong club?

3.1.5 Hand evaluation

? Zar Points and applications

Zar points for opening bids :

Majors Versus Minors In Zar Points:

Hand evaluation-Pavlicek's deal pattern analysis


4. Rules questions (TD etc)

Online bridge laws


is this legal?

is this legal in sayc?

2 Q's on Alerts

Is the ruling correct?


Question about alerts policy on BBO

System Variability (by seat and vuln) And GCC

Limitations On And Alerting Of Weak 2s For GCC


5. Software topics

Hand Analysis Which software?

Shareware Hand Dealers

Cheap software for calculating X-imp pairs ? (Freeware/shareware or simply cheap)

Matchpoint Scoring New Generation scoring program..

Duplicate / Cross Imp Bridge Scorer

is there an okb-to-.lin file converter for Windows

Hand Presentation Software

WBF CCE and Windows XP

New Fantastic Deal Generator Free great dealer-

Ultimate Hand Generator - Do you or your club need a dealer?

Software for conventions

LinConverter (I strongly recommend lin converter for all posters - inquiry

Bridgelys - deal generator - HELP please


6. BBO help

Can anybody tell me how to find a person in BBO?

How to log vugraph with chats:


adress on site for BBO hand viewer
"Bridge is like dance: technique's important but what really matters is not to step on partner's feet !"

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Posted 2006-September-11, 23:38


Did I miss something about how to post a convention card to FBBO? As the partners category/board suggests?

IE, how? Just type away?


Oren Goren

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Posted 2006-September-11, 23:52

Does BBO somehow provide individual pages? With the forums bridge/card utilities?

If not, I have managed to come up with one way of showing the suit symbols on proboards.

Oren Goren

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Posted 2011-October-10, 02:10

This link is dead.

Could we have something about how to post a hand from any source on the webforum?

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Posted 2011-October-10, 08:53

View Postcloa513, on 2011-October-10, 02:10, said:

This link is dead.

Could we have something about how to post a hand from any source on the webforum?

obviously it was meant to be: http://www.bridgebas...graphic-memory/

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