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Request: Example hands on Moysian Fits Request of "Beginner guide to Moysians"

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Posted 2004-November-25, 04:53

Hi all,
I am trying to systematize study of Moysian fits.

So far I have ben able to detect a few typical declarer's techniques.
Please add other typical techniques, and also it would be nice if anyone who has example hands for one or another techniques may post it here 1

I am especially interested in PARTSCORE Moysian fits, because they are more complicated: for example, game-level Moysian usually have only one problem suit either trumps or side suit), and it is easy to count winners/losers.
Instead, partscores often have tenaces all over the place and it is hard to make a plan, as any of the techniques listed below could be the right one: for example, often, if you have weak trumps and a good side suit,you will have to decide whether NOT touch trumps and have opps ruff the suit, OR if to run 1 or 2 rounds of trumps to avoid side suit winners being ruffed (with the risk of opps drawing trumps and attacking another weak spot). This is even more complicaed if the side suit is good but the A needs to be knocked and opps are holding off.

Such decisions may be hard at MP, in that at IMPS you may ant to sacrifice an overtrick in side suit winner (ruffed) to keep trump control for safety, but at MP the decision is more borderline.

etc etc

So PLEASE, put emphasis on partscore Moysian with lost of tenaces and little top wnners (because harder to count tricks to plan the play) if you come across them.
Thanks !! :mellow:


1) keeping trump control
This technique is useful when the side strength is so strong that you have problem only in keeping trump control.
This is very common in game-contracts, where your hcp extras justify playing in the unwelcome 43 fit.

Often you will have AK in trumps, or in any case few losers in trumps, and you want to have al the side suit winners established

- ducking one or more round of trumps, often in order to keep a trump in dummy to ruff in a danegerous suit which would otherwise shorten our long trumps
- forcing the opp with long trumps to ruff you sde suit winners

2) dummy reversal
Often we need to assume trumps 33, and in that case we may as well proceed to shorten our long hand, if we have side controls

3) crossruff
this is another cas where you should have established side suit winners to cash before executing x-ruff

4) elimination and throw in

- Using our 4th trump to throw them in OR
- uthrw the dangerous opp in another suit and force ops to lead in our trump tenace
- trump reduction techniques

5) play neutral and let opps play their suits hoping they break a suit for you
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Posted 2004-November-25, 06:55

There are two ways to play them:

- Grab as many tricks as you can, thus making the contract or leading to a situation where you have one certain trick to take for the contract. At that point you can lose control.

- Maintaining control. This will usually happen when you have a good side-suit (which possibly should have been trump, but never mind). If you have Axx opposite Kxxx, a common way to do this is to duck the first round, then take ace and king on the next 2 rounds of trumps, thus drawing the trumps if they break 3-3 and otherwise leaving one winning trump out while you take your side-suit winners. You will have to set up the side-suit first, and may run into an adverse ruff, in which case you hope it is a hand that started with 4 trumps that is ruffing (thus a natural trump trick), or at least a hand with only 3 that is ruffing.

Sometimes maintaining control will be achieved by throwing losers if they are forcing the longer hand to ruff, rather than reducing your trumps.
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