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Rubens' "Secrets of winning bridge" Great book !

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Posted 2004-November-24, 04:01

Hi all, just a brief note to signal anyone a great book I just finished reading !

"Secrets of winning bridge" by Jeff Rubens is a great book !
While probably not suited for true beginners, it is IMO a great reading for intermediate/advanced .

It does not deal with bidding conventions or strictly technical card play techniques (e.g. card combinations etc etc).

But it does cover almost every area of bidding and play where we have to take decisions (or force opps to take a decision).

it covers hand evaluation process in uncontested and contested auction, in such a manner much clearer than pther books on hand evaluation (e.g. Lawrence's "Complete book").
And it covers the different way of thinking needed for rubber bridge, duplicate matchpoints play and team of 4 plays, both in the bidding area and inn the card play area.

These subjects nowadays are not new (e.g. hav been dealt with in other books, e.. the fantastic "Matchpoints" by Kit Woolsey), but despite the aearly day of Rubens' publishing, the book is indeed written very clearly and easier to follow than any other book I read before.

Experts will not need this, but I strongly recommend it to any non-expert! :)
"Bridge is like dance: technique's important but what really matters is not to step on partner's feet !"

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