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Biddable suits in Acol

#1 User is offline   Orla 

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Posted 2003-May-29, 18:48

What is the rule regarding "biddable" suits, in Acol?

P opens 1D,
Playing MPs should I bid 1S or 1NT, holding:
T874 .. K74 .. KJT .. Q62
What is the consensus:

Is it better to be in NT or in spades, with a "fit" of 8 rotten spades between us? If P has 4 spades chances are s/he has a couple of high ones anyway, if mine are rotten.

Does a trump fit depend on the length or the strength of the suit?


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Posted 2003-May-30, 02:36

Welcome back to forums Orla,

I have not see an ACOL description of "biddable" suit, but remember one old book(1970') for italian "Blue Club" system. There was mentioned that biddable suit must be minimum Q98x. Note that in modern bridge fits and shape are first priorities and most players bid whatever 4 cards occured (even 5432) especially when Major. Again it's up to partnership agreement whether to bypass very weak 4 carders or to bid them always. In my opinion the aggressive style (with 5 card majors opening) must be: bid all 4 Majors, bypass weak 4 minors when other reasonble bid exists.

Best regards, Rado

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Posted 2003-May-30, 05:38

Agree with Rado. 2345 is a biddable suit.
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#4 User is offline   Cave_Draco 

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Posted 2003-May-30, 11:37

The question of <T874 .. K74 .. KJT .. Q62> is less about "biddable" suits than it is about which bid is "better"!

If you choose to bid 1S, you are informing partner that you have 4+Spades and 6+ hcp.

If you choose to bid 1NT, you are informing partner that you have a "balanced" 6-9 hcp.

The 1D opening announces either a balanced 15+ or a distributional hand!
In the light of that information about opener's hand, the 1NT response is the more descriptive, IMO, ;D.
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Posted 2003-May-31, 07:26

this is an age-old problem not specific to Acol I think. I am reluctant to bid weak 4-card suits on weak hands as it may induce an unfavourable lead if we defend. I am also more inclined to bid NT in pref to 1Major at MP scoring.. at teams I prefer to bid 'straight' MP's only our own score is on the line. I dont think either approach is 100% effective.. this should be a matter for partnership agreement.

#6 User is offline   DenisO 

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Posted 2003-June-27, 16:18

If you bid 1NT, you are denying a 4M in Acol. You should bid your 4cd suits up- the- line when responding. To the specific question, bid 1S even if it is only 5432. To do otherwise misleads ptnr who may be 5/4 in D/S

Denis B)

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