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Smith Echo

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Posted 2012-January-12, 05:52

I'd finally like to pick up Smith echo for real and I'm somewhat in a hurry for adopting it, so I'd like to hear some basic rules when and how it applies. (If I had more time I'd go and try to figure it all out for myself :D )

I know the basic: signal given by both players in a first suit declarer plays in regards whether they liked or disliked the lead.

I'd like to get some more deep stuff, ie. suit combinations where you liked or didn't like the lead. (Which aren't obvious like Qxxx vs. KQxx)

Is there point playing it both in NT and suit contracts? (Especially if you don't otherwise signal in trumps)

How it affects our other signaling? (I've heard many echoers show count when dummy wins the lead and show attitude later)

And other things I don't know and should... (Only regarding Smith Echo please... :P )

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Posted 2012-January-12, 09:14

I guess one could write a book on the subject . Some people hate the smith echo but so far I have managed all my partners to play it . I like to keep it simple
- it only applies when defending NT
- applies when opening leader's partner plays an honor and can have the above touching honor (Q after playing the Jack, K after playing the Queen or the highest denied honor J after playing the K, possibly the Ten after playing the Q)
- I play reverse Smith by the opening leader in a standard signal context (so small says I like my lead or at least do not want a switch, high says I would like a switch).
- Smith Echo has first priority when it applies ; only exception is when partner needs to make a hold up play (e.g. long suit in a entry deprived dummy)where signalling count is paramount
- We do not assume that partner can read the lead so the opening leader will still use reverse smith echo after leading the 6 from say 9652 playing 4th best (you may use Top of Nothing in that situation) a a non obvious top of Nothing in 3 cards
- Whether to signal count or attitude when you are unable to beat Dummy is not related in my mind to the smith echo (for the record i signal count)

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Posted 2012-January-12, 09:56

Two more things to consider:
- If your honour holidng in the suit is known, do you (a) still play Smith, to indicate length, (b) still play Smith, meaning "I do/don't have something I want you to switch to"; © still play Smith, obvious-shift style; or (d) play suit preference between the other two suits?
- When does count take priority over Smith? Some situations are obvious, eg if dummy has KQJxxx and no outside honour, but sometimes it's not as clear as that.
... that would still not be conclusive proof, before someone wants to explain that to me as well as if I was a 5 year-old. - gwnn

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