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response to takeout double

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Posted 2011-November-08, 18:20

Shouldn't North bid NT?


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Posted 2011-November-09, 02:47

1NT requires a stopper in clubs, 10xxx doesn't count as a stopper. I just pulled out Mike Lawrence's "The Complete Book on Takeout Doubles". He has a section on responding 1NT, and he never suggested bidding 1NT with a suit like that. The worst suit in his examples was QJx, and he said he wasn't happy bidding 1NT with that holding.

Obbviously 1NT works well on this hand, especially because of the horrible diamond break. We currently have simulation disabled for this rule, so I wondered if simulations would convince it to bid 1NT. I enabled sims, but never got 1NT; I got 2x1, 5x1, 1x2, and 3xPass. In fact, 1NT wasn't even one of the alternative bids it was considering. When it looks for alternate bids, it does it by looking for rules that match an additional card in each suit or +/- 3 points, but adding stoppers isn't one of the adjustments it tries.

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