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How do I ask for a stopper for an NT bid? cue-bidding

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Posted 2004-September-01, 06:42

I've seen some examples of bidding where a certain bid (lets say 3 hearts or 3 spades) is said to be asking for a stopper in that suit. Ive also seen other cases where the same such bid shows a stopper in that suit, and leaves it up to pard whether to try for 3NT or a minor suit game.

Is there a generally used cue bid method to ask for a stopper or was it just one authors system?

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Posted 2004-September-01, 06:53

If the opps have shown length/strength in a known suit, bidding that suit asks for a stop (unless it has a different menaing, such as Michaels or constructive raise).

If the opps have shown two suits, a bid in that suit shows a stop. The same may apply in certain situations in which the opps have shown an unknown suit. For example, after opps 2 showing either hearts or spades, you can agree that a bid in hearts or spades shows a stop.

A similar principle applies in uncontested auctions. When we have shown two suits, a bid in one of the remaining suit usually shows a stop (if the priority is to look for 3NT). When we have shown three suits, a bid in the fourth suit may ask for a stop.
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Posted 2004-September-01, 06:54

Fairly general is to ask for stopper if there is only one trouble suit and to show a stopper if there are two trouble suits.


1 pass 2 (2)
3 asks a stopper

Rationale: with the stopper you could just bid 3NT.

1NT (2 = + ) 2 shows a stopper
1 pass 2* pass 2 shows a stopper
* Invitational or better

Rationale: Less likely to be doubled for the lead or for a save.
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