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Round 5, Boards 9-10 Forum bidding contest, finals

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Posted 2010-November-25, 21:08

After eight boards, Jlall-han lead 40 to 36.

Board 9
Dlr North
Vul E-W

East opens or overcalls 1. E-W do not bid after that.

Han was north, Jall was South

MrGoodwin was north, TimG was South

1Sx = 11
3N = 10
1S = 8
2N = 7
2H = 4
3H = 1
4H = 0

Both pairs bid to the same contract, so no effect on the final result. It seems that 3NT is excellent contract on this hand, but it is very difficult to find.

Running score:
44 Jlall-han
40 Goodwins


Board 10
Dlr: East
Vul Both

East opens 1 and they pass after that.

Han was North, Jlall was South

Board 10

Mrgoodwin is north, TimG is South

2S = 10
2C = 9
3S = 8
2N/3C = 7
4C = 6
4S = 3
5C = 2
3N = 3 <<---- modified to account for both4C and 3N down same, and no heart lead.

Running score:
50 Jlall-han
43 Goodwins

Ok, if EW do not lead hearts, 3NT has 50% chance. So maybe it should get a bit higher score.

This post has been edited by inquiry: 2010-November-26, 15:13
Reason for edit: Adjust running scores for changes to first 4 boards and to change score for 3N on board 10....


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Posted 2010-November-25, 22:13

Ben: you copied their auction wrong on 10, I believe it was:

(1D) 2C (p) 3C
(p) 3D (p) 3N

I think your score for 3N is too harsh, not only might they not lead a heart and 3N can make, but 3N and 4C are often both down 1 even on a heart lead. IMO 3N should be promoted.

Regarding our auction on 9: I have been thinking about this situation a lot (and more generally when to pass when they're red at MP rather than to overcall 1N). I think people do not do this enough, often +100 is enough and +200 is great. Still if we have a game passing sucks, and I felt like my defense was not as good as it could be, like if I had a spade spot. I chose the "run of the mill" 1N, but can't help but think passing might be best and defending 1S w/r.

I think han could pass 1N in a bidding contest but not in real life. If I super accept hearts his hand is great, and often hearts will just play one trick better. Passing would be a bidding contest operation.

Re hand 10: I took more time over 3C than on any bid of the contest. I think this is a tough problem but in retrospect I like a pass of 3C. It's matchpoints, lets go plus, yada yada. I think I may have let myself be influenced by the bidding contest, worrying overly about partner having a good spade fit or a magic hand for 3N from his side. In real life I think I would find the pass, but maybe I'm just saying that, heh, anyways it just goes to show yet again that I am terrible when I try to operate because of the bidding contest. Throughout the whole thing im definitely a loser when I try doing this rather than bidding normal. On the other hand han bats a very high percentage with it...I should leave it to him. I regret this decision the most.
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Posted 2010-November-26, 01:11

playing 2 from north will avoid a spade lead, looks like a better start for declarer.

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Posted 2010-November-26, 01:31

I feel pretty strongly about both 9 and 10. Ref. 9, I believe the Phantom is on to something about the 1NT overcall with so much of the hand in the opponent's suit, and without a real source of tricks elsewhere. Especially white vs. red, I have had positive experience passing such hands (although the occasional missed game, I admit). Passing such a hand is anti-field, but justified in this case (even though a game is in fact missed).

On 10, I cannot quite see where the 2C overcaller who gets raised to 3C in the weakest way possible expects, or even hopes, to find nine tricks for notrump or eleven tricks for clubs. Yes, there might be a spade fit: but trying to find it will usually just get you too high, as it did here. Sorry, Phantom & Tim, but I think bidding over 3C is just a mistake. (Not that my 3NT bid was a thing of beauty, either.)

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Posted 2012-January-13, 01:00

wow my 3S bid is awful

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Posted 2012-January-13, 08:32

Someones really Jonesing for another contest i see.
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Posted 2012-January-13, 14:11

More like I'm jonesing for Han :( lol

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