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1!C pass pass pass disaster a bottom for us

#21 User is offline   jtfanclub 

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Posted 2004-August-20, 00:32

Not that it matters, but since I'm in ACBL land, I specifically wrote down on my card that we will overcall 1NT with 4441 and the singleton in an unbid suit.

There is no other good bid for this hand.

#22 User is offline   Gerben47 

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Posted 2004-August-20, 03:47

For those playing Raptor 1NT like I do, I double with the south hand and rebid 2NT over 2 and 1NT over 1. Notice that this shows less than if you would not play Raptor.

For the record if south passes I bid 1NT in North.

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#23 User is offline   mikestar 

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Posted 2004-August-20, 09:39

paulhar, on Aug 20 2004, 02:49 AM, said:

mikestar, on Aug 15 2004, 09:25 AM, said:

Very frequently a diamond lead will slaughter it.

How often do YOU lead diamonds when partner opens 1C?

Add me to the 1NT overcallers.

Rather frequently in this sequence if I have diamond length. Partener propbaly has club length but might have only three and by overcalling 1N my RHO is announcing a club stopper.

Note that I'm much more comofrtable with overcalling 1N with a singleton in a side suit over a major suit opening--opening leader is less likely to find the lead of the singleton suit when his partner has promised a five card suit.

#24 User is offline   EarlPurple 

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Posted 2004-August-20, 11:10

oh I pass waiting for the big penalty on a nice juicy misfit - only it isn't because the opps bid 1D raised to 2D. Then of course I double but partner has 3-3-3-4 and clubs are 4-1 of course so they have a lovely fit and we have nothing. (so much for the rule that if it's a fit for one side it's a fit for the other. My total distribution is almost always 7-7-7-5).

Seriously: I often used to pass on those hands. It is MP after all. The plan is to double later, either a fit of diamonds for take-out or something later on to show "cards".
You can't keep a good man down

#25 User is offline   ericba2006 

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Posted 2019-January-27, 21:02

Well I guess with this strong a hand but a stiff , I would probably pass. Bidding with this hand is just too dangerous, besides, who can make a sensible choice of bids with this kind of hand??

A takeout double? Awful. I may do this once in a while, but not when I have a singleton (thus no support) or a void in a side suit. Picture the scene. If you double OPP's 1 bid and your partner has 6 or 7 diamonds, what a nice fit in diamonds, he may think. If he has enough to bid game, he would bid either 3NT or 5, both of them might go down if he's facing a minimum hand, but with your hand, 3NT is almost guaranteed to make, while 5 can hardly be made even down three.

A 1NT bid? No way. If you overcall 1NT you have to promise either a stopper or a 4-card suit in ALL FOUR suits. Now you just can't assume that partner has a diamond stopper.

So you have to pass. When the 1 bid is passed around to fourth seat, your PD can consider a 1NT balancing bid which promises only 10 points (In my system) and a balanced hand.
Anyway, the correct auction is probably:
West North East South
1C Pass
Pass 1NT Pass 2C
Pass 2D Pass 3NT
All Pass

#26 User is offline   ahydra 

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Posted 2019-January-27, 22:03

Why necro a 14.5-year-old thread? :-(


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