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Posted 2010-January-29, 10:19

So, north opens 2 clubs, to which I answer 2 diamonds, waiting i hope-- no agreement

he then bids 3 diamonds

I cringe, please do not let this be one of those 4 card diamond suits.

3 spades by me

4 hearts by him

At this point I was in pain, but figure he must have some clubs, so I bid the mastermind made possible by my guardian angel.


a club lead, the queen of clubs holds, i am aghast

my rho tosses all his clubs and when i finesse the heart he leads to my winning dummy.

Bad bridge yes, but i bid no trump just to put myself out of my misery.

3nt, or 6nt for that matter, ends all auctions

I am now doing this while being chastised by partner, but i did answer him:

Why do you open that hand 2 clubs in the first place?

would my learned friends from the forum do that?

thanks all

View PostFree, on 2011-May-10, 03:57, said:

Babalu just wanted a shoulder to cry on, is that too much to ask for?

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Posted 2010-January-29, 10:25

Yeah a 2 opening wouldn't be my choice.

But 3 shows 6. Maybe some would occasionally do it on 5. But it certainly can't be a 4-card suit.

So support with support. Bid 4 over his 3 bid.
If you don't have an agreement, you don't have an illegal agreement. Except in the ACBL, where apparently you can have an agreement even if you don't have one :) --- Blackshoe

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Posted 2010-January-29, 10:25

babalu1997, on Jan 29 2010, 11:19 AM, said:

So, north opens 2 clubs

No, he doesn't.
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Posted 2010-January-29, 10:34

I'd never open that hand 2, even though it meets the criteria of LTC and QT. It's simply unnecessary, as a 1 opening is unlikely to be passed out, and then you'll have plenty of room to reverse into and bid them again, to show your 6-5 shape and extra values.

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Posted 2010-January-29, 10:36

2 is terrible.

I wouldn't have bid 3 with your hand. Raise with support.

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Posted 2010-January-29, 10:37

I don't see any problem here.

6NT made, didn't it?


Don't submit this one for Assign the Blame. You may get numbers over 100%.

100% to North for opening 2.

100% to South for any number of atrocities in the bidding, not the least of which was the final fatal jump to 6NT (oh, it made, did it? Well, that leads us to....)

300% to East and West for allowing 6NT to make.

All in all, pretty funny stuff.

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Posted 2010-January-29, 10:58


#1 The auction showes, why a 2C opening with the North hand is not a
good idea, you know, you reach the 4 level, before you have shown
both of your suits.
#2 ..., playing with a random p, why are you surprised, that this happens?

With kind regards

PS: And yes, raise, show the fit, it simplifies the auction, and even after you
introduced spade, you still had the chance to show the fit, so ..., in the end
get your side clean of errors, and lots of problems will disappear.
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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Posted 2010-January-29, 11:58

title is wrong...partner was wrong (2c).....

Who said, "A smart guy is one who knows what he is dumb at."? If it is true, I must be a genius.

All above posts are good things, including Art's humor.
"Bidding Spades to show spades can work well." (Kenberg)

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Posted 2010-January-29, 12:48

babalu1997, on Jan 29 2010, 11:19 AM, said:


would my learned friends from the forum do that?

thanks all

Only if my avatar was wearing a mask :(
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Posted 2010-January-29, 13:29

The artist formerly known as jlall

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Posted 2010-January-29, 13:34

Where did you get this ridiculous idea that 3NT and/or 6NT ends all auctions?
Please let me know about any questions or interest or bug reports about GIB.

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Posted 2010-January-30, 20:30

while i agree opening 2cl is not on---why all the cringing and self inflicted agony,2c-P-2d(auto) 3d at this point bid 4d,pard could be 4/4/4/1 if you switch his hts to spades you will hear 4sp but as it is u hear 4 hts,so 6d is a better crack,no marks for masterminding 6 n/t

#13 User is offline   ggwhiz 

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Posted 2010-January-30, 22:22

Congrats, you may have set the world record for the number of worst possible bids in an auction of this length, ending in a top score.
When a deaf person goes to court is it still called a hearing?
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#14 User is offline   hanp 

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Posted 2010-January-31, 05:08

2Cwould not be my choice but it should have worked well. 3S was terrible.
and the result can be plotted on a graph.

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Posted 2010-January-31, 18:48

I would not open 2C. However I cannot understand why you did not raise partner's D suit.
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